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Signing up for the Uncommen Newsletter

We wanted to reach out to our current and future audience with some information about our newsletter and our goal to provide you with Uncommen content. We’ve noticed a couple of “Did not sign-up for list” or “No longer interested” entries on the reports. We only want to deliver content to those who want to get it. So here we go…

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The Declaration of Independence

What’s more Uncommen than reading the Declaration of Independence in order to celebrate the passing July 4th? Read it in its entirety and you’ll find a quick thought and challenge near the end.


The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America

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The Building of a Legacy

We started our business in 2007, and we will turn ten years in 2017. What a great and uncommon accomplishment from a business standpoint. While we work with a broad range of industries, our focus has always been on ministry. In an age where 543,000 businesses get started each month and double that fail each month, you can imagine how hard it is to stay in business. During the recession, I just kept my head down, nose to the grindstone and any other saying that worked. But God was faithful by leading clients to us and kept me focused on serving them for His Glory.

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The Broken Road of Glory

In an age when it sometimes seems like everyone is starting a business or making money online, we simply couldn’t. We were a one income family looking to make extra money desperately. In 1998, I wrote a book on Christian Internet Ministries and how to begin that process with your church. As I work with dozens of churches today, I see that I was a little ahead of the game as some churches are still not always on board with using the internet to spread the Gospel. 

I tried starting an eBay store, and it just got drowned out by the noise of everyone else. Back in the day, I collected comics, and I ran across one in person that was a great buy and hard to find. I purchased 4 of them at $4.00 each and went home to put them online. When I got home, I could find these listed what seemed like all day long at .99 cents.

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Thank God for Katrina

I know that title could create confusion and even anger in others. But having gone through Katrina and come out the other side, that is what we came away with.

It was August 21, 2005, and I was in my 11th annual review with Winnie, my boss. We got out of the meeting, and the receptionist was handing out maps with the projections of the hurricane that were in the Gulf. I was born and raised in New Orleans, and after 40 years, I learned to expect at least one hurricane per year. A short evacuation was usual during Hurricane Season (June – November). When I got home, we started watching the news, and this one did have the makings of something big. We started the process: Milk, bread and a good seafood Po-Boy. Remember, I said I was a Cajun.

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What happened to the Uncommen App?

We’ve spent several years creating, revising, and maintaining the Uncommen App. After investing over $100,000 into the App, we had to make a hard decision whether to keep investing or put development on hold. We decided to put it on hold for a year or so to determine the demand for an app and how best to fund the continual costs for updates and maintenance.

During the last year, we have also been developing our website presence for Uncommen Charters around the country/world, the Uncommen store, developing additional content, and seeking Sponsorships. We develop weekly blogs and every other month we develop a Bible study that can be found on the Holy Bible/YouVersion App. As you can tell, there are multiple channels we are using to try to encourage men to invest in their key relationships.

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