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UNCOMMEN wants to do more to encourage men to be the Husbands, Dads, and Leaders they were always meant to be. Our membership program allows us to produce deeper engagement and higher value content for the men of UNCOMMEN. This is a tangible way that we can provide more content to you, while you support the cause. Membership is $25/year and you get access to all of these benefits just for signing up.

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Membership Benefits

  • Weekly blogs now include two questions + challenge for personal reflection/discussion
  • Bi-monthly UNCOMMEN Originals – Exclusively for Members
  • Audio of each blog article
  • Access to UNCOMMEN Members Facebook Group
  • Access to premium challenges, interviews, and other extra content
  • Permanent 10% discount on UNCOMMEN digital products and wristbands
  • Member only gear available at our online store
  • Product Giveaways (Randomly)
  • Prayer Wall – NEW

What your membership goes to?

100% of your membership cost toward making new and on-going content and new programs for men in the following areas.

  • Weekly Blog Content
  • UNCOMMEN Devotional Development
  • UNCOMMEN Originals
  • Communication with UNCOMMEN Community
  • Establishing Charters World-Wide

Perspective Breakdown – $25 per year = $2.08 per month


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Frequently Asked Questions

As a Non-profit, we are always just getting by on resources. We have prayed that God would reveal some ways that we could start to become financially self-sustaining. This is one of the ways that was laid upon our hearts. We feel $25 per year is a small amount and if just 10% of the people who follow us on Social and Email would sign-up, we’d be fully funded for the year. How awesome would that be?

You can start your Membership by clicking on the “Purchase Membership” link above and complete the process. The Membership will renew automatically and you will be provided with information about your membership after your purchase.

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