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Become an Advertising Partner with UNCOMMEN Men’s Ministry

Join Forces with a Powerful Men’s Ministry and Empower Men to Live Uncommon Lives

Welcome to UNCOMMEN, a thriving men’s ministry with a clear mission: to challenge and encourage men to live a life that Glorify God,  impact their families, workplaces, and communities. We are excited to offer your brand the opportunity to partner with us and tap into a dedicated, passionate audience.

Our advertising partners are invaluable to our cause, and we work tirelessly to ensure your brand receives maximum exposure and benefits from our partnership. When you join forces with UNCOMMEN, you’re not just advertising – you’re helping transform lives, and that’s a win-win for everyone.

Why Partner with UNCOMMEN?

  • Targeted Audience: UNCOMMEN provides access to a diverse and engaged community of men seeking guidance, resources, and support in their personal and spiritual lives. Our members are committed to making a difference, and your brand will be front and center as they pursue their goals.
  • Brand Alignment: Partnering with UNCOMMEN means aligning your brand with a respected, positive force in men’s ministry. Our reputation for inspiring men to live with purpose, integrity, and intention will reflect positively on your brand, building trust with potential customers.
  • Comprehensive Promotion: We promote your brand on several of our channels to ensure your organization gets the exposure it deserves, including our website, mobile app, social media, email campaigns, and more. 
  • Shared Success: Your success is our success. As an advertising partner, you’ll be supporting a ministry that is actively changing lives, while also expanding your brand’s reach and impact. Together, we can achieve remarkable results.

Partnership: Featuring Your Brand

We offer several ways to showcase your brand to our audience:

  • Website: We feature our advertising partners in the footer of our homepage that continually rotates. We also list your logo and a short bio with a link to your website on our partner page.
  • Email Campaigns: Each week we rotate through our partners and feature one to our extensive email list that highlights your brand and drive user engagement.

Cost: $500 per year


Premium Advertising: Stepping into the spotlight (includes all of our Partnership level)

We offer a couple of custom opportunities to build on our partnership level above:

  • Social Media Promotions: Leverage our social media presence to amplify your message, engage with our followers, and boost your brand’s visibility. You can provide us graphics or we can discuss developing something for you to use. We can post these to all of our social platforms once a month for 12 months.
  • Blog Article Promotions: We can orchestrate your brand by sponsoring a blog article that would put your logo and short bio/link on up to 4 blog posts per year.
  • Podcast Sponsor: We just launched the Uncommen Podcast and taking on sponsors that we would feature once a month through out the year.

Cost: $1,000 per year


Get Started Today

Don’t miss this opportunity to partner with a powerful men’s ministry and make a difference in the lives of countless men. Contact us today to discuss your advertising goals and explore how UNCOMMEN can help you achieve them. Together, we can create lasting change and unleash the full potential of your brand.