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“I have been extremely blessed in my walk through the Uncommen content I have received and many times my wife and I do the devotional together – many thanks”


“I started Day 1 of the UncomMEN – Words devotional today on the YouVersion Bible App. I wanted to say “Thank You” – the devotion you wrote has immediate tactical abilities to change the way I speak and engaged with others. I have since saved 4 more other UncomMEN devotionals. I look forward to the rest of this one and the future pieces you’ve written.”


“I recently went through a divorce, so I’ve been reading your guys devotionals like crazy. I love your organization and how you are promoting Godly men.”


“I don’t think I can ever thank you enough for the “Man in Crisis ” devotional. I’m not legally divorced but we are certainly emotionally divorced. All of it is my own fault. This has been very helpful for me to get back on track with God.”


“Much like the Bible was divinely inspired and written by men, I feel I was divinely lead to the UNCOMMEN men.  My family was facing a tough time with some health issues weighing heavily on my wife and then we were hit with the surprise of a fraudulent employer being less than scrupulous simply had no money or intention of ever paying.  All this happened in the middle of organizing the plans for LittleIronMom to launch as a non-profit ministry geared toward bringing families together around the dinner table, family fun, fitness and faith.  Much of that was geared towards the Mom’s as my wife is LittleIronMom we were missing the men’s portion as leaders, influencers and role models.  As I watched men in the community ignore their families when out and about one of my phrases was “don’t be a jack” I have used that line for years one men became a bit unruly.  Then one night I was surfing Twitter after praying for some help in the men’s faith area I was lead to UNCOMMEN.  I was floored when I read about the everyday Jack and God really laid it on my heart to organize a chapter here in Iowa.  Having just lost our main source of income, it was going to be stretch to get that going very quickly as we had to hold onto every penny.  After dedicated prayer around organizing the chapter were blessed with sufficient funds to begin a new chapter.  While our growth has been slow, the gear I wear and share often creates talking points to share the Gospel, meet others and share the Kingdom mission.

UNCOMMEN has impacted me more than any of the guys probable know, but I have never felt like I have known a group of men, I have never met personally but share so much in common by being UNCOMMEN.  We are brothers in Christ a family on a mission to help other men be UNCOMMEN.  Now I share the UNCOMMEN platform with other young men through a local pregnancy center.  These young men desire to be a better father than they experienced.  They share some tough stories from alcoholism, drugs, no father presence, the ultimate in messy relationships.  This has truly been some of the most powerful moments for me, and UNCOMMEN has helped me bring a stronger message to these young men all for His Glory.”

Lew Everling (Uncommen Charter Leader – Iowa)


“The present world we live in is filled with struggles. I have experienced some of these issues lately in my life (as well as early on in my life) and have reached out for something that myself as well as other men in my area can turn to in times of struggle for resources to ease these burdens. Uncommen has resources for all men. When I was discouraged and needed encouragement they were there. When I needed lifted up in prayer- they were there. We all need these things at sometimes or another and Uncommen is a great resource.”

Kevin Sowards (Uncommen Charter Leader – Kansas)


“What I got out of this series is I am now content with myself as a man and where I am at today. I came into this group constantly posting multiple pictures weekly of myself to show others how great of a person I am and to get affirmation from through likes.

I also was putting myself first in my relationship, and I continuously looked at my past with regret. I now am cautious about what I post and how much I post on social media, I am now content on where I am today.

My relationship is better than ever. Even at the start my other half was very impressed and awed at me for starting a life group that consists of me bettering myself as a man through Jesus and bettering myself in our relationship.”

Warren (UNCOMMEN: Reclaiming Your Identity as a Man!)


“This series has made a great impact on my identity as a man and in my marriage

So who am I?

  • I am first foremost a man of God. I have become a better spiritual leader in my family.
  • I have made my work about working for God and providing for my wife rather than for others and for acknowledgment.
  • I have learned that I am forgiven because of God’s gift to us. All my mistakes of the past are forgiven and I need not have guilt or relive them.
  • I am looking forward to more lessons to come.”
Jarrod (UNCOMMEN: Reclaiming Your Identity as a Man!)


“The uncommen series- for help me to see how grateful I am, to have Christian men gather together. To speak on topics of concerns; in each of are lives.

For me Uncommen help me better myself in the way I do things; and understand the masks I hide behind each and every day.”
Greg L. (Part of SJ CA Charter Group)

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