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I have been doing some of the short devotionals you have through the Bible.com app, and have been really enjoying them. They are very thought-provoking, and having a great impact on my walk with Yeshua. I look forward to getting involved with you at some point in the future, when the LORD says “It’s time”. Keep up the outstanding job! “Well done, good and faithful workers.”

Well thank you TJ. I am happy to support through more than just a membership, as this program has helped me in all different ways, but I appreciate it. Thanks for being obedient to Christ and helping bring men back to the Heavenly Father and back to Godly manhood.

“Hey Guys, I first found your content on the YouVersion bible app and since then I’ve been following everything I can find from you guys. I’m a young man in my mid-20s and although I don’t have a wife and kids yet I use your offering to prep and prune myself before it’s time. I’m currently a youth minister at my local church (Berean Christian Church in Lithonia, GA) and I pass some of your principles along to my boys in small groups. I’d love to be a part of an organization that has had such a huge impact on my life and the lives of people I influence.”

“Hello, For several years now I have been thinking about the same issues that Uncommen seeks to address: Getting men off of the sidelines and becoming what we were meant to be. I was so excited when I found out about you. How can I help? You’ve really struck a chord with me and I would like to meet and talk about what I can do to help build the Uncommen community. Whether it’s getting involved in mentoring, leading a men’s group, coming alongside those who are struggling in their marriage, or anything else in line with your mission, I would love to work in the community you are creating. Thanks!”

“Hey guys, I am very grateful for this ministry. I have been doing the devotions and I love the challenges as well as the articles written by working professionals. So, I am reaching out because I believe your curriculum would be a great fit for our church, New Life Lakeview, here in Chicago and I feel a nudge by God in this direction to lead a men’s group for a while now.”

“I’ve been following UNCOMMEN for the last 10 months or so. God had put it on my heart in the last couple of months to start a charter in my church. So I shared this with my pastor to see if he would approve of it which he did. Then I started making plans of how I was going to present in front of the church with a little talk about my story and why I wanted to start this in the church. Little did I know God and my pastor had a different plan! My pastor approached me about a month ago about doing an upcoming sermon series with him in our church and the series is called identity theft, long story short he wanted me to give my testimony as part of this series for 4 weeks to the church and wouldn’t you know it it’s the perfect lead into the start of UNCOMMEN at the Bradford Open Arms Community Church. We completed week two of my testimony and our Series yesterday. In the final 2 weeks, I will be introducing UNCOMMEN to Bradford.”

“First, I just want to say thank you so much for your devotion in the YouVersion Bible app – UNCOMMEN: Surviving Divorce. Last November I went through a very similar experience as you. My wife of eight years said she was going to stay with her dad a few days (this is the day after I discovered she had been having an affair on me with a co-worker). She never returned and ended up getting an apartment. I now have divorce papers waiting on me to sign.

Your devotional was the realest/tangible thing I could find to help me through this, and it taught me so much in just a few short verses and devotionals. Just your logical approach was what I needed, despite all the spiritual conversations with my pastor/counselor.

Thank you again for pouring into men. And thank you for that devotional. I’ve seriously read it half a dozen times the past year.”

“I went through one of your bible studies on being an Uncommen Husband. The last day’s message was spot on. I wanted to say thank you and let you know that I finally found someone else that understands that kids aren’t the center of the parents’ world. Husbands need to love their wives well. Kids will learn that because they do what we do. I’ve unfortunately been divorced and when I re-entered the dating world, almost every woman said, “my kids are my whole world” and I would respond, “great, you have no room for me” and walk away. I found a woman who understands this. Thank you for getting the truth out there! It does my soul and spirit good to know there is real truth of marriage and husbandry out there for the world to learn about. Keep up the excellent work.”

“I was reading another one of your excellent reading plans on YouVersion today (“Empty Nest”). Thank you for continually posting gracious and challenging exhortations for men!”

“Good morning.  I recently finished your Fear Not plan on the bible app.  The first challenge of taking fear and worry to the cross and LEAVING it there has really resonated with me.  Strong and great words and very much appreciated.  Thank you so much for the devotionals.  Keep up the great work.  I know for a FACT that men now more than ever need your words and encouragement.”

“My prayer request is two-fold. One, I am grateful for UNCOMMEN as your devotions have been the one thing that has got through to me and guided me through a difficult time in my life, family, and marriage. Two, for God to put back together the pieces of brokenness in my life and create in me what He says, “a clean heart and renew a right spirit in me.” Thank you.”

“Thank you. Not just information, but knowledge. The truth is that I’m learning. Slowly, and little by little, but I’m learning (re-learning would be more accurate) about The Lord and his love and forgiveness.  And I’m trying to understand the place He wants me to be. I don’t have a lot of time, day to day. So I’ve found Uncommen an excellent source for reading and learning. That’s worth more than the prices you ask for the studies add devotionals I’ve read so far. 

I want you and everyone that makes Uncommen possible to be able to continue providing resources for guys like me. Guys that were taught the wrong ideas early in life. In light of that, I am blessed to have the opportunity to pay for the insight. I pray you are able to continue for a very long time.”

“Hello from Singapore! Thank you so much for such an amazing ministry that is impacting lives all over the world.

I am a church staff at Emmanuel Assembly of God, Singapore. We are hoping to solidify a culture of doing Family Altars and love for the Word, and because of that, we are trying to get our church congregation to come together as families to do family devotions. We hope to use your Bible plan, UNCOMMEN, Honor Your Father, that can be found on the YouVersion Bible platform, as one of our devotions.

In our church, our congregation is made up of multi-linguistic groups and although the YouVersion Bible is on different language platforms, there may not be the equivalent of what we are hoping to have every week. Given this, may we ask for your approval and permission for us to translate the English version of the devotions to Bahasa (Malay), Malayalam, and Chinese? 

Thank you so much once again. God bless you all!”

“Tj I was just looking at the website. I just want to tell you again how I really appreciate you guys. Some of those that I saw were written quite a while ago and I sort of forget how emotional they were to write. It is humbling. 

Thank you for letting me be involved.”

“I started using the Uncommen devotionals about 2 years ago and moved my way into the Uncommen website and now using the Uncommen app. It took me too long to become a member but it was a great step. God has already used the Uncommen devotionals to help me through some learning experiences with starting a new family. I have been a police officer for 7 years, married for 6 years with three kids. The Uncommen calling to become a better Dad and Husband has been a changing experience for my family and I. I thank you for following God’s calling and being obedient to Him. I look forward to more material. God Bless You”

“First, THANK YOU for following the call to do UNCOMMEN. 

My life has been a train wreck and for the last twenty years my marriage has been a roller coaster ride. During these lows, I would “ cast my bread on the waters “ joining every “better man”, “better Christian”, “better husband” group I could find. A while back UNCOMMEN was one of those groups. God filled me with unbelievable pain and regret. I was grieved over the years I had wasted and I knew I had to change. 

That’s where you have stepped into my life. After a short search, I found one of your emails, explored your website, and joined. I can’t thank you enough for being there in my time of need. Just be warned… you aren’t getting a prize. I’m a pretty broken Christian but I’m ready for healing and growing. 

Thank you once again!”

“I have really appreciated your Thursday broadcasts and the entire ministry of Uncommen. It seems to be grounding me in my Christian walk in ways that I would never have achieved alone. 

I have decided that I’m not where God wants me to be yet but when I get their things will work out. Until then I’m going to work on becoming Uncommen. Again, thank you!

In the short time, I’ve been part of Uncommen you’ve helped me become a better husband and a less terrible stepdad to a special needs kid.”

“I appreciated the re-engagement talk yesterday. We have been back at our church in person since June 2020 when they opened back up. It has been so healing in all this craziness and made me realize virtual just isn’t the same and I could never just have that as the main worship.

Love all the content and the new Rest Boldly devotional on the Bible app.”

“I have been extremely blessed in my walk through the Uncommen content I have received and many times my wife and I do the devotional together – many thanks”


“I started Day 1 of the UncomMEN – Words devotional today on the YouVersion Bible App. I wanted to say “Thank You” – the devotion you wrote has immediate tactical abilities to change the way I speak and engaged with others. I have since saved 4 more other UncomMEN devotionals. I look forward to the rest of this one and the future pieces you’ve written.”


“I recently went through a divorce, so I’ve been reading your guys devotionals like crazy. I love your organization and how you are promoting Godly men.”


“I don’t think I can ever thank you enough for the “Man in Crisis ” devotional. I’m not legally divorced but we are certainly emotionally divorced. All of it is my own fault. This has been very helpful for me to get back on track with God.”


“Much like the Bible was divinely inspired and written by men, I feel I was divinely lead to the UNCOMMEN men.  My family was facing a tough time with some health issues weighing heavily on my wife and I.  As I watched men in the community ignore their families when out and about one of my phrases was “don’t be a jack” I have used that line for years.  Then one night I was surfing Twitter after praying for some help in the men’s faith area I was lead to UNCOMMEN.  I was floored when I read about the everyday Jack and God really laid it on my heart to organize a chapter here in Iowa.  After dedicated prayer around organizing the chapter were blessed with sufficient funds to begin a new chapter.  While our growth has been slow, the gear I wear and share often creates talking points to share the Gospel, meet others and share the Kingdom mission.

UNCOMMEN has impacted me more than any of the guys probable know, but I have never felt like I have known a group of men, I have never met personally but share so much in common by being UNCOMMEN.  We are brothers in Christ a family on a mission to help other men be UNCOMMEN.  Now I share the UNCOMMEN platform with other young men through a local pregnancy center.  These young men desire to be a better father than they experienced.  They share some tough stories from alcoholism, drugs, no father presence, the ultimate in messy relationships.  This has truly been some of the most powerful moments for me, and UNCOMMEN has helped me bring a stronger message to these young men all for His Glory.”


“The present world we live in is filled with struggles. I have experienced some of these issues lately in my life (as well as early on in my life) and have reached out for something that myself as well as other men in my area can turn to in times of struggle for resources to ease these burdens. Uncommen has resources for all men. When I was discouraged and needed encouragement they were there. When I needed lifted up in prayer- they were there. We all need these things at sometimes or another and Uncommen is a great resource.”


“What I got out of this series is I am now content with myself as a man and where I am at today. I came into this group constantly posting multiple pictures weekly of myself to show others how great of a person I am and to get affirmation from through likes.

I also was putting myself first in my relationship, and I continuously looked at my past with regret. I now am cautious about what I post and how much I post on social media, I am now content on where I am today.

My relationship is better than ever. Even at the start my other half was very impressed and awed at me for starting a life group that consists of me bettering myself as a man through Jesus and bettering myself in our relationship.”


“This series has made a great impact on my identity as a man and in my marriage

So who am I?

  • I am first foremost a man of God. I have become a better spiritual leader in my family.
  • I have made my work about working for God and providing for my wife rather than for others and for acknowledgment.
  • I have learned that I am forgiven because of God’s gift to us. All my mistakes of the past are forgiven and I need not have guilt or relive them.
  • I am looking forward to more lessons to come.”


“The uncommen series- for help me to see how grateful I am, to have Christian men gather together. To speak on topics of concerns; in each of are lives.

For me Uncommen help me better myself in the way I do things; and understand the masks I hide behind each and every day.”