Rise Above the Ordinary

Embrace the Uncommen

Rise Above the Ordinary

Embrace Uncommen


of men don't participate in a men's ministry

Be Better than the 95%

Be Uncommen

Life is a struggle. We believe every man struggles with something in life whether it be addiction, money, health, family, confidence, success, etc. Every man shares common problems; we feel we have an uncommen solution in Christ Jesus. We could be another spectator watching men fall short of the mark or we could do something about it. If we apply the Uncommen mission here we want to see men succeed and have an impact on their families, community, and the world. Join us today!

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Man to Man Podcast

Iron Sharpens Iron

This MasterClass is designed to guide men on the road of self-awareness, repentance, accountability, and grace. This resource will help you navigate the depths of your heart, hidden sins, self-deceptions, growth and cultivating a spirit of genuine repentance.

Included: Devotion, Original, Video discussion, Workbook, & Good Talk Pack

Adulthood Calling

Join Uncommen’s “Adulthood Calling” MasterClass designed to help young men navigate the challenges and opportunities of adulthood while embodying Christ’s character. 

Included: Devotion, Original, Video discussion, Workbook, & Good Talk Pack

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