Our Uncommen Mission

We want to inspire, encourage and challenge men to be the Husbands, Dads, and Leaders they were always meant to be. Our Uncommen mission is one that takes many hands and they all help in different ways.


The Uncommen Why

Life is a struggle. We believe every man struggles with something in life whether it be addiction, money, health, family, confidence, success, etc. Every man shares common problems; we feel we have an uncommen solution in Christ Jesus. We could be another spectator watching men fall short of the mark or we could do something about it. If we apply the Uncommen mission here we want to see men succeed and have an impact on their families, community, and the world.


The Uncommen How

We look to what God outlined in the role of a man and to the teachings and example of Jesus Christ to empower men to succeed and have a positive impact in their spheres of influence. We deliver weekly content through blogs, originals, workbooks, social media,  weekly live sessions, the YouVersion Bible app, and devotionals. We’ve also set up, encourage, train and support Charters (small groups). To live out our Uncommen mission, we need to be more like Jesus in our daily walk.


The Uncommen What

We seek Godly wisdom through prayer, speak openly to men about the issues they face, and challenge men to better themselves in tangible ways. We provide monthly Bible study content grounded in God’s Word around the core topics of Husbands, Dads, & Leaders and we develop a social media presence to meet men where they are.


So where do we start?

• We start with prayer because we need wisdom
• We start developing content that speaks openly to men and their issues
• We don’t pull any punches when it comes to the hard conversations
• We challenge men to better themselves in tangible ways that are achievable
• We focus our growth on Husbands, Dads, and Leaders
• We provide support by enabling men to start a small group right in their community to make a difference
• We provide monthly Bible Study content grounded in God’s word around our core topics
• We develop a social media presence to engage people openly and honestly about the issues at hand
• We end in prayer because we need to make sure what we are doing is bringing Glory to God
• Pray – Encourage – Grow – Support – Repeat