$10 Fundraising Challenge

In the heart of every Uncommen man lies the potential to make a significant impact, not just in his immediate circle but in a broader community longing for guidance, hope, and transformation. Today, we invite you to become a pivotal part of this Fundraising movement that seeks to change lives and revolutionize how men lead in faith, family, and society with our $10 Challenge.

Why the $10 Challenge? It’s more than just a fundraiser; it’s a testament to what we can achieve when we unite under a common goal. Our mission at Uncommen is to support men worldwide in their journey to become the husbands, fathers, and leaders that God has called them to be. The $10 Fundraising Challenge is designed to be accessible, allowing anyone to participate in this grand vision, demonstrating that from small seeds grow mighty trees.

Fundraising Timeline

As we embark on the $10 Challenge, we are set on an ambitious goal: raising $30,000 by December 31st, 2024 and need your help

Where Your Contribution Goes

Every dollar raised through the Fundraising $10 Challenge is a seed sown into fertile ground and put right back into the ministry. Your contribution supports the development of crucial resources—devotionals, studies, articles, podcasts and more—all crafted to meet men at various stages of their walk with Jesus. These resources are tools for spiritual growth, relationship building, and leadership development, all rooted in Biblical truth.

  • Content Development
  • Devotionals
  • Originals
  • MasterClasses
  • Workbooks
  • eBooks
  • Free Resources
  • Good Talks
  • Merchandise
  • Small Groups
  • Business Overhead
  • Website Overhead
  • Website Development
  • Social Media
  • Podcast
  • Digital Marketing

Your $10 does more than just fund materials; it enables us to expand our reach to communities in desperate need of Godly men. It supports creating new programs and initiatives to engage men meaningfully, encouraging them to step into their God-given roles confidently and gracefully. 


Why We Need Your Support

We stand at a critical financial juncture due to the pandemic of 2019-2021 and the recession of 2023+. The challenges facing men today are greater than ever—temptations, distractions, and pressures abound, pulling them away from their true purpose. Yet, in these challenges lie incredible opportunities for transformation and growth. With your support, we can provide the guidance, encouragement, and community needed to navigate these challenges successfully.


Reaching our goal of $30,000 through the Fundraising $10 Challenge will enable us to impact thousands of lives, but we cannot do this alone. It requires the collective effort of 3,000+ men, each willing to invest a modest sum into a cause that promises eternal dividends.

How You Can Make a Difference?

Share this fundraising challenge with friends, family, and fellow church members, encouraging them to join you in this mission. Together, we can create a ripple effect of change that reaches into the future and leaves a legacy of Godly men who stand as pillars of their communities starting with you.

Make Your Contribution

It’s a Win-Win

Helping us reach our goal will benefit you as well. Below are outlines of what we will provide to every donor who participates in the Fundraising $10 Challenge and those simply giving as God leads them.

$30k Goal

Once we reach this goal, we will provide the following to every donor as a thank-you for partnering with us.

MasterClassIron Sharpens Iron
This solution draws inspiration from the life of King David. It addresses challenges such as hidden sins, self-deceit, and repentance. The Masterclass includes a Devotional, Original content, Video discussions, an interactive Workbook, and a Good Talk Pack.

Two eBooks

  • CommunityThis 49-page study emphasizes the importance of using spiritual gifts, helping neighbors, and serving in community roles.
  • Leaders Vol III – This 103-page study addresses common struggles and encourages growth in leadership abilities grounded in faith and real-world application.
Uncommen $10 Donation