Viking Mergers + Acquisitions

At Viking Merger & Acquistions, we are dedicated to helping business owners position their businesses for sale now or in the future. Click Here

Wilson Technology Group

Technology is rapidly changing and keeping things running smoothly is an integral part to your business. We help by Making Computers Work for You. We offer service and support tailored to your needs that match how your business functions. Click Here

Cole & Company CPA

IMPACT the lives of all those we touch so they discover their GREATEST potentialClick Here

Cornerstone Wealth Planning

We provide comprehensive wealth management services. Including Comprehensive Financial Planning, Investment, Tax and Retirement Planning. Click Here

YouVersion (Bible App)

We are a long time partner of YouVersion and provide a monthly devotional to their platform. We have over 50 devotionals that focus on Husbands, Dads and Leaders. Click Here

Olive Tree Bible App

We partner with Olive Tree and provide them our devotional content on a monthly basis. Click Here

Back To the Bible (BTTB)

We partner with BTTB and provide them our devotional content on a monthly basis. Click Here 

Armored Coffee

Armored Coffee if a proud supporter of Uncommen and sells a custom coffee line as a on-going fundraiser. Be sure to visit there site and get to know a great team of people. Click Here

Page Progressive

Page Progressive provides web design, internet marketing, graphic design, PHP programming and web hosting services. Promo code “UncommenClick Here

Sterling Technology Solutions

We were founded in 2003 by our CEO, Tom Blanchard, to help small to medium-sized businesses manage their technology. Click Here

Last in Line

To inspire and motivate servant leaders to pursue their mission with gratitude and humility. Click Here

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