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Armored Coffee:

1) Provide excellent coffee and products

2) Advance the Kingdom of God

3) Share the message of Hope with everyone we encounter.

Armored Coffee if a proud supporter of Uncommen and sells a custom coffee line as a on-going fundraiser. Be sure to visit there site and get to know a great team of people. Click Here


Oilve Tree Bible App

Click this link or the logo to check out one of their studies.


Covenant Eyes

Click on the graphic below or this link and use the Promo Code “Uncommen” to receive 30 days FREE when you sign-up for Covenant Eyes


Page Progressive

Managed WordPress Web Hosting

  • Free initial website transfer
  • Included SSL Certificate to secure your site!
  • 10-30 GB of storage space on fast SSD drives
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited monthly traffic
  • Daily backups of your files and databases
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Malware monitoring
  • Simple staging for development sites available
  • Webalizer site traffic report software
  • Monthly WordPress and plugin updates (We do it for you!)
  • WAF (Wide Area Firewall) for extra WordPress security
  • Cloudflare security and CDN
  • Data centers in the US, Europe and the South Pacific
  • 99.9% uptime guaranteed

Promo code “Uncommen

Click here for more information


Cornerstone Wealth Planning

We provide comprehensive wealth management services. Including Comprehensive Financial Planning, Investment, Tax and Retirement Planning. Click Here



We specialize in providing true own-occupation disability insurance for physicians and business professionals. We serve clients across the United States. This coverage is designed to allow you, if disabled from your occupation, to earn income from other sources without reducing policy benefits. Click Here


Landmark Journey Ministries

There is a crisis in men today. They feel uninitiated without guidance to move beyond boyhood. They feel anonymous without a clear-cut sense of identity. They feel lost without a burning sense of purpose. They feel stuck in patterns that keep them from moving out as men. Landmark Journey Ministries exists to offer training in manhood that is Christ-centered, personal, unique, and trustworthy. Click Here


Peace is Possible by Rick Claiborn (Book Release)

The struggle to find peace in the middle of life can be hard. Discover the journey of one family through loss of a daughter and a special needs son. To order a copy for yourself, click here


611 Network

To build an international community of individuals and organizations committed to the spiritual and physical freedom and restoration of REAL people enslaved by human trafficking. Click Here

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