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UNCOMMEN: Husbands Part 2

The duty of being a Godly husband for your wife didn’t cease after the marriage ceremony. It’s a daily calling God has placed on your life. Join Uncommen as we plunge into real, practical topics you face every day. Start the study here

Fear Not

Anxiety surrounds our life and it seems like there are an infinite amount of sources just piling stress onto our lives. I wonder if God wants that for us? Let me tell you that He doesn’t. He wants us to cast all of our worries on Him and dwell on what Jesus accomplished for us. Join us on a 5-day journey of experiencing God’s peace. Start the study here

Code Purple

Code Purple?  It’s the overlap of blue and pink. It’s where men and women interact with each other in a way that may be different than the way they are used to. The blue man shows up to hear the problem, dole out a fix and get back to the game. The pink woman shows up with emotions to spare and wants you to listen to her, and the issue at hand. Where they overlap is what we call… CODE PURPLE. Start the study on YouVersion: here, OliveTree: here, 2or3: here

Holy Connection

Staying connected to God is the only way we can walk in faith, victory and live the Christian life. That means we must stay close to the One in the Trinity who abides in us and is on the earth today. His name is the Holy Spirit. If you want to be the person God wants you to be, it’s impossible to do this without the Holy Spirit. Start the study here


Mary and Martha thought Jesus was too late and couldn’t save Lazarus from the grave, but our savior had different plans. Join Uncommen in journeying through this well-known passage in-depth and see how Jesus is still calling us to come forth today for His name. Start the study here

Father Figure

Most of us have a Father Figure in our lives. Some may have been great examples and some may have not even been there. In this study we look at a range of men in the Bible and how they performed the role of a Father Figure. Start the study here

More Than Conquerors!

We’ve all heard the phrase “More Than Conquerors”, but did you know that we are called to be that “in all these things”? Join us as we walk through the scriptures that educated and challenge us all to be “More Than” what we are. Start the study here

How To Prioritize Your Wife

It can be extremely rewarding if you prioritize your wife above other things. Whether you’re a husband, a soon-to-be husband or a future husband, this is a great study to challenge you to prioritize your wife according to scripture. Start this study here.

Porn Kills Love

It’s all too common for us to settle for cheap counterfeits like pornography. In just five short days we walk through some practical ways to fight for joy and experience long-term satisfaction with your wife and God. Start this study here.

Credit to Fight the New Drug ( for “Porn Kills Love.” FTND is a non-religious and non-political organization, and is not affiliated with Uncommen.

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