The Return of the Uncommen App

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The New Uncommen App

If you are familiar with our ministry our roots started back in 2012 with an app. As the ministry has grown over the years with content, memberships, and charters, we have expanded our digital footprint to an international level. We’ve added new content on social platforms, established our YouTube channel, and provide content to partners such as YouVersion, and OliveTree on a monthly basis. We’ve recently partnered with GoTandem and Back To The Bible to create the new Uncommen app that we believe is the perfect addition to the ministry.

The reason we restarted the Uncommen app is that we are increasing our focus on discipleship and this is a great tool to help us stay connected while in the Word of God.


APP Features


• Weekly Blog Articles
• Weekly Blog Articles from Archives
• Spiritual Assessment
• Scripture Engagement

• Monthly Devo Showcase
• Current Reading Plan
• Monthly Virtual Bible Study
• Husband, Dad, Leader Tracks

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How to install the Uncommen App?

1. Search for “Uncommen” on Apple and Andriod platforms
2. Create an account on the app (this account is not connected to your account on the Uncommen website)
3. Search for “Uncommen” and join our organization
4. You can then start to see our content and even take a spiritual assessment to get tailored scripture sent to you when you want it