Faith is Built in the Waiting Period

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Ever wondered why we have to wait so much? I wonder all the time. I will admit I have grown a little more patience with age, but only a few. I frequently want answers to things that I have no clue, and I usually want the answer immediately. Think about it.  “Better is the end of a thing than its beginning, and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.” — Ecclesiastes 7:8

The Waiting Period

When Jesus was walking with the disciples, He told them exactly what was going to happen. He explained He would be back and that everything was going according to plan. Still, they questioned everything, and even when He came back, they did not recognize Him right away. Why do you think there is a three-day gap between Good Friday and Easter? I realize they did not have names for days yet, but why did God need three days? That gap in time must have felt a bit hopeless. During that time, I could see the disciples look dumbfounded. The Bible talks specifically about the disciples, but for Christians everywhere probably felt the same way. They were frustrated and doubting everything. I can see myself do the same thing. If I am having a lousy day, I wonder why God won’t fix it.

Where Faith is Built

The gap is where we get to practice what we preach. If I pray for a new job and get one the next day, I will be happy, but I will not have stretched my potential for growth in faith at all. If I pray for healing and always receive it, I will be healthier, but I will not appreciate the fact that I am alive and well or the struggle many go through every day. God has to make us wait. At times He makes us wait until we get to heaven. Then we may get answers, or maybe we won’t need them at all. I wonder why some friends struggle in marriage, why sometimes I think my finances are a mess even though I cause that sometimes. And I regularly forget the fact that living in this country alone puts me in rare territory compared to the rest of the world. I wonder why our son’s autism causes him to struggle to connect so much that even a simple handshake can be a significant victory or the lack of one can be such a stunning defeat. I wonder why our daughter had to leave this world so early. Some questions do not have answers, at least not here.

Faith is Built on Trusting God

Our society sometimes has the mistaken belief that if I get my faith right, then I should not have problems. I wonder where in the world that idea even started. Then I remember. We have an enemy. If that thief drops an idol in my front yard, I will never worship it. However, I will think I am something special if everything is going the way I remember it should. Our enemy is sneaky. I’ll grow an idol right in the mirror if I think this world is about me.  I think what I have learned the most is that my faith is stronger. My sense of not being in control grows. My thankfulness is complete due to the presence of hardship. It develops due to the lack of answers.

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  1. Juan Velasquez

    Spot on. The wait is where the growth is. Not, why am I having to wait so long, but to step back and see the teaching that is meant for me. As soon as I recognized that perspective, it was a paradigm shift.

  2. KMM

    Amen brother! No pain – no gain…fact of life

  3. Hardy

    I have seen men who has built there faith to that point when dey pray they get quick answer, can’t I build mine?


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