Having Consistent Faith Amidst Life’s Surprises

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Consistent faith through the challenges of life is hard. Being a father is as hard. But when you have a sick child, it’s even harder. Especially when your child is at a young age and if they don’t speak yet, it’s hard to figure out where they are hurting.

Luke 8:50 — “But Jesus on hearing this answered him, ‘Do not fear; only believe, and she will be well.'”

Like any father, Jairus was searching for ways to help his daughter get better. She was only twelve years old and was his only daughter (Luke 8:42). She was so sick; she was at the point of death. He needed Jesus. In the process of inviting Jesus to his house, his daughter passes away, and he’s told, “There’s no need to bother the Master any further.” (v.49)

Having Consistent Faith

Jesus overhears this and tells him, “Don’t yield to your fear. Have faith in me.”

We always fight with believing what our natural eyes see and what our spiritual eyes see. We know the Bible, we know His promises, but we see the impossibilities. We hear bad news, and we feel our faith shrink. Jesus is reminding us, that even in the middle of bad news, we should not yield to our fears. We should continue to have faith in Him. All the way home, Jairus had to battle with his fears and his faith. You may be battling with your concerns and your faith right now. Jesus is whispering to you, “Don’t yield to your fear. Have faith in me.”

If you can still believe in His promise over your fears, you will see that promise come true. Jairus had to walk out his faith. You must step out too. It’s not easy when you are looking at the impossibility in the face. But walking with Jesus will give you the strength you need to face your difficulties. The bad news did not bother Jesus. Whatever you encounter will not take God by surprise or get Him nervous. He can make the impossible because He has the power to change things. Believe in Him.

Consistent Faith in the Midst of Life

Here are a couple of things that can help when facing tough challenges:

Read the Bible

Learn what promises God has for you. Readout loud those promises daily.

Consistent Faith | Give


Learn to go to God first. Just talking to Him about your situation will help lift the burden off your shoulders.

Seek Godly men.

Seek advice or prayer from other godly men. Walk this journey of life with others. It will help you know that you are not alone.

Trust Jesus.

Having faith in Jesus is trusting Him. He cares about you and what you face. You are not alone.

Author: Adison

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  1. Jeffrey Roberts

    Oh Amen. I really needed to read this now!!! I’m recovering from a stroke on February 17th. Trying to keep together my marriage, my job, my life! My family. All while caring for my mom who had Alzheimer’s!! I need help desperately!!!

    • Larry

      Jeff, stay strong in the Lord. Don’t despare. Ask for help. 9

    • Albert

      Praying for you Jeff and Adam, stay strong.

  2. Adam

    I needed this reminder today. I’m a father of 3 girls and a I am going through a divorce to my wife if 13 years. I don’t understand what is happening right now, but I pray that GOD will show himself through this and bring me peace and understanding.

  3. Hector

    This could not be more timely. Thank you.

  4. Michael

    Adam, please don’t make the mistake of running to another woman for comfort or the feeling of worth and love. Trust me, wait on God or you will compound your hurt and misery.


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