When Life Interrupts Romantic Gestures

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“He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.” — Proverbs 18:22

I was a young man in a serious relationship, having a marriage discussion with my parents. They gave me the most excellent marriage advice I’ve ever heard in my life. I still use it and apply it to this day. They told me to apply the same energy and effort I gave to basketball, writing, games, work, or whatever it is I do with great enthusiasm, into my marriage, and making my wife happy.

Life Makes Romantic Gestures Complicated

It sounds so simple, but as we all know, once life starts happening with work and kids, that is a practice that becomes much harder to live out each day practically. Even the simple act of saying ‘I love you’ or reminding her that she’s beautiful, can become something that falls on the back burner. All those things you used to do and say seem to decrease and sometimes disappear slowly. It’s not that you’re actively trying not to be as romantic as you were when you started dating, but sometimes, between checking each other out making googly eyes and saying ” I do,” it just started getting more complicated.

The scripture tells us that he who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord. But how do we practically live that out? As men, we tend to take care of other things we deem right. Whether it be electronics, cars or making sure we are wearing our lucky shirt or socks when watching the big game, we tend to put more effort and energy in our hobbies or things that are infinitely less important.

Scheduling Romantic Gestures

So what I started to do, and it seems dopey, but I started leaving my wife Romantic Wake Up Calls. It began as something simple, and I stole the idea, of course, from hotels. I thought it would be unique to offer my wife cute romantic notes for her in the morning. She loved the idea, and I’ve been doing it for about 4 or 5 years now. It’s not something I do every day, but you get the idea. I try to make an effort to handwrite them, but sometimes you can send even a text or an email at her work, that she’ll get in the morning. It’s just little things like that which seem to go a long way.

I also put a reminder in my phone each day to compliment my wife. Which also seems excessive, but I have a problem where I think of compliments, but never say them out loud. These aren’t hard and fast rules, but these are just examples of little things you can do only to show your wife she’s appreciated and that you’re putting effort into the relationship.

I think God blesses our marriage, families, and home when we honor and appreciate our wives. I would encourage you to set aside some time to speak with her on things you do that make her feel appreciated. Ask her what some things she would like to see you do more on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis are. Even just being willing to have the conversation, open yourself up, and listen to her, could go a long way. We should all make sure that our wives feel like she is that good thing in your life.

Article written by Thomas Way

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  1. Patrick Dennis

    I have never been married, but life doesn’t have to be complicated when it comes to romantic gestures, so remember everything that we do we must do our very best because we are doing this for the love of God. In everything you do do the very best for the Lord in everything!

  2. Christopher Lee Mccroskey

    You know this got me to thinking. I regularly do these things anyways and we’re working on 13 years. But no matter how well we think or may think we know someone they could be at the end of their leash and commit suicide not something any of us want someone to do especially a spouse. So fella’s go the extra mile and make your wife feel loved and appreciated especially once the kids leave home because she’ll feel useless or that her life no longer has a point. We know she’s wrong on that but we cant tell her that due to the wrath she may have lol just kidding ladies. But we can show them that they are needed anf precious to us and their families. Look all I’m saying is happy wife happy life….. Wait actually what I mean is happy spouse happy house. Men love your wife and treat her like God wants you too, woman just try not to hurt us too badly we make mistakes too like seriously all the time. Lol again just kidding. Y’all just love each other and stay faithful i know temptation can be hard but stay true to your spouse and God and do the right thing. I love you all I’m outta here to love my wife.

  3. Joshua Turner

    We as husbands are called to serve our families. That doesn’t always mean just work and pay the bills. I have learned more so recently the my primary duty in serving my family starts at home. God has made us the spiritual leaders of our homes and it is up to us to point our families to Jesus Christ. When our behavior reflects Jesus, he flows through us into the lives of our wives and children and even more into our communities. I myself have always had a hard time with compliments, saying things like thank you, or even vocalizing how much my wife and family means to me and how much I appreciate them. I have also allowed things that i believed I was pointing them in the right direction turn into more of criticisms. It is ok to not say some things to avoid criticizing all the time but do not allow that to turn into you never saying anything, which removes you saying life giving things.


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