How You Can Love Your Wife Well

Love your wife. Not always so simple for today’s society. We have lost our families. Divorce is climbing at an alarming rate because men have lost the sight of just loving their wives. I know I know, we cannot be perfect. We are faced with temptations every day. However, we must not forget the essential part of this verse, ‘as Christ also loved the church.’ We have a Savior that loves us so much that He came and gave His life for us. He only had eyes for us.

Ephesians 5:25, “Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her,”

A Command To Love Your Wife

Even when Christ was tempted in the desert, He had His eyes and heart set on us. Not just as men but by name. When it comes to our wives, we must have this love for them as Christ did for us. Notice that this verse is not a question. It does not say, “Husbands, will you?” No, it is a command. Paul says, ‘Husbands, LOVE your wives.’ Every breath we take, every time we wake up, and every time we go to work, our wives should be number one on our minds. If we keep our wives and Christ at the front center of our focus, we can make it through any temptation.

Remember that girl walking down the sidewalk or on that social media page? Did she grab your attention? It’s easy for men to get distracted by what’s out there. It is our nature ever since the fall. In the story of creation, Adam not once looked at Eve with lust while in the garden. It was a perfect place. Along the way, men have forgotten what God created. Adam had the perfect helpmate. God designed holy matrimony.

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Give Up Selfishness So You May Love Your Wife Well

Hollywood did not create a mere idea. They have taken love and lust and mixed it all so that husbands cheat on wives because they don’t love her anymore. Paul gave us the best example of love with Christ. Christ created to love. He showed us how to love one another. He even paid the ultimate price so we might be saved and live in Him. He died for us! Now I’m not asking you to strap yourselves to a tree and hang there for your wife. We should give up ourselves for them. Let our lust die when we say I do. Let our selfish ways die when we say I do. 

We must give ourselves up for our wives. Focus only on them. Let them help guide our children and directions. I, at one time, used to do something addicting and made my wife feel unloved. That was pornography. It took my eyes off of my wife. I didn’t love her the way Christ loved the church or me. I finally realized that I was young and stupid, but the scars were already put into place. She forgave me. She showed me love that I want to show her. Even through the hurt and the suffering, we decided to let this be a stepping stone for me to become a better man. 

Now I love my wife more than I love myself. I put her needs before mine. I make sacrifices to assure she’s loved the way Christ loves her. It’s hard. It gets tough, but you have to remember that Christ sacrificed Himself for us.

Author: Bruce

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