When Life Brings Nothing But Change

It’s been nothing but change since August of 2018. I have been experiencing the life-changing events of being an empty-nester.

Now that we are empty-nesters, we have more time together as a husband and wife, but there’s this sadness mixed with excitement lingering in the air.

Matthew 6:33 says, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

Nothing But Change

The sadness is from the sudden quietness in our home. We kept the tradition of having a family dinner when everyone’s schedule allowed, the routine of telling my kids to be home safe before they head out of the door, the goodnight hugs and kisses before they went to bed (yes, we still do that), and the hugs I get on a Saturday morning.

At the same time, I am excited about all these changes. I think I am one of the few who embrace changes, positive or negative changes; I do welcome them.

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My three grown-up kids are writing their chapter of life without us on their next pages. My oldest daughter, who has finally ventured out on her own, faces adulthood without us. My oldest son is raising his own family, learning how to balance work life, being a husband, a father, and a son-in-law. And then my youngest son joined the Navy Armed Forces. He will be experiencing what some of us would never experience. He has sworn to protect this country and the people who live in it with his life.

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And then there is US…my wife and me! When we are home, we are going to have a lot of time together. We are going to see each other more than we want to, sometimes! We are going to be focusing on more time with each other. We have agreed that one of the rooms would be our safe space — a good safe place from each other with real boundaries. It’s okay to have that space and that it doesn’t mean it will create tension in our marriage.

I know that if I’m not careful with all this time now in my life, it will become disastrous. The time for my health, goals, ministry, outdoor activities, work, and as a husband, father, and grandfather — I mean, how can I possibly shut it all down long enough to be fully dialed into any one thing? Where do I focus?

The one thing I need to remember is that God wants me to keep my eyes on Him, and my thoughts on Him. He’ll help me navigate through all the other stuff.

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