That Sitcom Husband

  • Al Bundy – Married with Children
  • Homer Simpson – The Simpsons (even cartoons, Family Guy, American Dad)
  • Archie Bunker – All in the family
  • Ray Ramono – Everybody loves Raymond
  • Tim Taylor – Home Improvement
  • George Jefferson – The Jeffersons
  • Ralph Kramden – The Honeymooners
  • Jim – According to Jim

I understand this comedy trope may still be a popular formula. But when you look at how many examples of this there are (I ran across about 30 online) you have to think, is this based on someone? Are men depicted this way because we are seen this way?

I could care less how Network TV, Hollywood, or even society sees us, but we should care what God sees us. Are you a man of God?

10 Traits of a Godly Man

  1. A man after God’s own heart
  2. A man that puts God first in his life
  3. A man willing to pray for and with you
  4. A man that prayers for wisdom
  5. A man that is a good Stewart with his money
  6. A man with a great work ethic
  7. A man that displays the fruits of the Spirit
  8. A man who is willing to be a spiritual leader
  9. A man who takes responsibility
  10. A man to respects you

A challenge to women

  1. Put God first in your life
  2. Encourage your man
  3. Challenge your man from a Godly perspective
  4. Pray for your man
  5. Don’t settle for a man not worthy of yourself 

 Truth & Grace

  • Uncommen Man Be the man you were always meant to be
  • Matthew 5:16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”

Challenge: I challenge you and I both to consider the kind of man we are in God’s eyes. Your wife will appreciate the effort.