I Want Patience Now!




In this engaging episode of the Man to Man Podcast: I Want Patience Now, hosts TJ and Joshua delve into a thoughtful discussion about the virtue of patience. They share their personal experiences and struggles, offering listeners a relatable perspective on the importance of patience in life’s various aspects.

Joshua opens the conversation by sharing his ongoing journey with the housing market. He and his wife had planned to buy a house after a year of renting, but the unpredictable housing market led to a much longer wait. This experience tested their patience and also brought to light the challenge of managing feelings of envy as they watched others achieve what they were striving for in their lives.

TJ adds to the conversation by sharing his experiences with purchasing a house and a vehicle. He emphasizes the importance of setting realistic goals and not getting caught up in comparisons with others, which can often lead to feelings of impatience and envy. He also warns about the potential pitfalls of impatience, such as making hasty decisions that can lead to regret later.

The hosts also explore the dynamics of patience within their marriages. They note that typically one partner tends to be more patient than the other and highlight the importance of balancing each other’s strengths to navigate life’s challenges effectively.

The episode concludes with a biblical reference to the Israelites wandering in the wilderness for 40 years, serving as a powerful illustration of the consequences of impatience and grumbling. The hosts encourage listeners to share their own experiences with patience, fostering a community conversation around this universal struggle.

This episode of the Man to Man Podcast: I Want Paitnece Now not only offers a candid and relatable discussion on patience but also provides listeners with valuable insights and encouragement as they navigate their own journeys of patience in various aspects of life. Supportive Resource: Hard Lessons.


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