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Embracing A New Normal

I hate the term “New Normal.” I started writing this post four different times until I realized I was trying to avoid these two words. The first time I heard them was a few days after our daughter died. Someone who meant well-tried to explain away the extreme amount of difference we were facing by merely saying, “You will find a new normal.” I have heard it again in recent days. We all used to have our routines and standard operating procedures. Everything has changed at this point.

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Solitary Confinement And Taking Advantage of COVID-19’s Lockdown

Ever watch a movie where the storyline includes a prison? Inside the walls of prison sounds terrible to me. But if you are an inmate and do something that violates the rules, there is a type of imprisonment within the prison, solitary confinement. There is a reason it is worse: no sensory input, no sun, no people, and zero freedom.

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10 ways Christians can be at Peace and Thrive during Covid-19

1. Seek and share accurate information

It doesn’t take much to cause panic in the public psyche today, and it takes even less to cause people to embrace fear. If you have watched or read the news, you can see people are panic shopping (The Great Toliet Paper Shortage of 2020), even resulting in violence in some situations. The Covid-19 virus is a medical emergency and should be treated as such, but we should treat this as a spiritual emergency as well. No-one benefits from confusion and fear, so let’s keep our focus on God, who is still in control of all things. 

Christians can stay grounded by seeking accurate information from medical organizations such as Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization and only sharing facts and truthful information, not more misinformation through social media.

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