Lately, God has given me a desire to add real value to other people. Worrying about my needs all the time has caused me to feel depressed, anxious, and angry.  So although I still care about myself and even desire to make sure I stay healthy and productive, I am trying to be less self-centered. I want to be more others-centered. Because when I am others-centered, I feel peace, joy, and happiness. 

And please know that I am not trying to be a “do-gooder.”  I am not trying to do not do good works to receive appreciation. I want to do good works for others to help people and most importantly honor God. Real peace comes from putting the focus away from ourselves and onto God. God gave us life and expects us to honor Him with the life he gave us. We praise Him by letting go of selfish desires and instead spread His love.

As long as we are helping others for the glory of God, we can rest assured He will be glorified. Let’s look at what you need to do first to be more others-centered. 

What you want to do first is to focus on the needs of others. Put yourself in their shoes. What problem do they need help with at this time in their life? Then help them solve that problem. Here are ways you can add real value to other people.

Get to know people. What do people enjoy doing? What are people’s weaknesses that may be your strength? By spending time with those people, you will build trust which will allow people to share their hearts with you. When people share, their hearts open new doors. Now you can see what people’s dream are. You can see what people’s weaknesses are. You can see who they are and what they need. Maybe you start by helping them with small things. It does not matter how you assist them. It just matters that you genuinely care about that person and that you want to make a difference in that person’s life.

Be committed to solving the problem if you want to provide real help to people than stay devoted to the problem until it fixed. Do not leave when things get hard. Stay until the issue is resolved. As the saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Be tough and help others even when it is not easy. 

Be available. Let the person know you care. Let them know you are open to speaking when they need someone to talk. Let them know you will do your best to help in any way you know how. You can let people know you care by showing interest in others and by offering assistance when you learn of something that needs resolving.

Always be working hard and still be willing to lend a helping hand. When you are always doing something and being on the lookout for those in need, people will see that you are a hard worker and that you care. So work hard, smile, and let the world know you are there to serve others.

You do not have to be perfect to help other people. People want to see that you care. They know you have flaws and they have flaws. People want to be loved. And a great way to love others is to serve them.

Don’t expect anything in return. If you are only giving to get, you are not generous or selfless. You might as well just be entitled and selfish. Instead, give to others and expect nothing in return. If you get something back, that is great. You are blessed. If you get some appreciation back, that is indeed rewarding, but again the purpose of giving is to turn the focus away from ourselves. 

Takeaway verse:

Mathew 5:42 — “Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.”

Author: Zack


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