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We are so excited that you want to start a Charter of Uncommen in your community. Our vision is to reach each and every household with the message of creating better Dads, Husbands, and Leaders for our families. We look forward to locking arms with you by providing resources that you can use in growing your group.

There are only 3 steps to starting an Uncommen Charter:

Step 1: Read the Uncommen Charter information.

Step 2: Read the Uncommen Charter Terms & Conditions.

Step 3: Pick the type of Charter Package you’d like to start and make payment (Starter Pack or a Jack Pack).

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Charter Spotlight – Chelsea, Michigan

We are a bunch of misfits from all walks of life with one thing in common and that’s Christ. Most of these gentlemen attend our church’s celebrate recovery program. So right now they are just on fire for this ministry and what it means not only to you guys but to us as well.

Matt started out using the Uncommen App and reached out to us to start a charter there in Chelsea, Michigan in June of 2017.  Matt said, “I have felt a huge impact in my recovery and my growth. I really feel as though this mission we are on as fellow Christians could do wonders here in Michigan.”

So we set him up with an Uncommen Charter and well…the rest is awesome!

Way to go! You and your group of men look to be Uncommen indeed!

Uncommen Charter Cheat Sheet (in case you missed a step, see each one below)

Start-A-Charter | Charter Information | Terms & Conditions | Charter Packages

Be Uncommen!

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