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“I will pour out my spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.” Joel 2:28 NIV

My wife and I have been blessed with three kids of our own. They, in turn, blessed us with some “extra” kids. In addition, some of their friends have grown to be part of our family. It’s a pretty cool thing to be able to watch them succeed in life. They get married, they have kids, and we get to have a place in their lives as well.

One of those kids called us to ask us to hold – I mean carefully supervise educational play – her one-month-old son. This momma used to be one of Jordyn’s closest friends. Jordyn called her a soul sister. We love educating babies, you know – for their future.

My wife was first in line to hold this beautiful human being. When she finally gave me a turn, I settled in nicely. There is no more relaxing thing on earth than having a baby. I cannot hold on to stress or worry with a baby around. It’s special.

This one-month-old was dreaming, as I could see rapid eye movement when he smiled in his sleep. He sometimes cried while he was sleeping. His breathing changed to match the emotional changes I could see on his face. He slept for over an hour while I was holding him – I mean, teaching him to stay still. He dreamed nearly the entire time.

This baby has not experienced much in his life. Sleep, eat, poop – repeat. I started to wonder what in the world he was dreaming. I have wondered what is going on in another person’s mind from being around our son. We are talking about 30 days of human existence.

I realize that human experience varies for us all. Some people experience many struggles, while others seem to fly through life with ease. But I think we live far below our potential, not in terms of physical ability or accomplishment, but in terms of spiritual capacity. So do we stop dreaming about what God says is possible?

Some struggles are extreme – losing a loved one, life-threatening illness, divorce, and many others are genuine. But I think we let some struggles become more than they should. For example, if you struggle financially, have you allowed your mind to dream about overcoming that, whether in fact or perception? If your marriage is struggling, do you allow yourself to dream about it thriving?

Do we dream of dreams, or do we dream nightmares while wide awake? Do we seek to prophesy into our own lives, or do we let the world set the narrative? Naturally, the world wants to establish a negative story. But, if a one-month-old baby can dream with no experience, why do we make our minds set the limits of what we think is possible? Maybe deep inside a 30-day old human is something pre-wired by the creator Himself. Perhaps he dreams about something God planted in him while I tend to let it be covered with work, stress, anxiety, and “experience.” Maybe the same wiring is still inside us.

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  1. Chad R. (NC)

    Ive recently fully committed my life to God even though I’ve always said “I’m a Christian”. I can now say with 100% assurance of my salvation. I spent the last five years in a relationship with a Christian woman who I blew it bc of my stubbornness and selfishness. Now, having been broken up from her, I’ve met another lady who is extremely new to me as her bf and being sold out to God. She’s “mostly” okay with my choice to have Him as my number One but still lacks in openly showing her belief even though she says it verbally. She doesn’t pray but does go to church. IVE showed my actions without saying a word and she says she’s noticed a complete difference in my life these last four months. Here’s my issue. IVE sincerely asked God to show me His Will for my life. Since then, I’ve had several dreams after specifically praying for a sign to be woken up by dreaming about the lady I used to date that I KNOW is a Christian. During those three dreams, two out of them I was woken up with an intense nervousness as if I knew in my dream that God was the One saying these specific words…”Time Is Running Out”! I woke up to see the clock that read exactly 3:21 (like a countdown). Now for the last two days in a row, I’ve gotten email (nothing related to Christ) but one from Credit Karma and the other from DudeRobe saying specifically “Time Is Running Out”. These dreams all had the lady I dated for five years holding my hand next to me as if we were a couple. Here’s the last thing, … the lady I’m dating now said she had a dream where she was looking for me in a crowd of people only to find me where my ex was standing beside me holding my hand. And in her dream she asked what I was doing and my response was, Gods not through with us yet. Any advice fellas? Thanks and may God bless each of you!

  2. Can

    Thats a great article. Thank you very much!


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