How To Use Spiritual Gifts For The Glory of God

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Prepare yourself for an analogy relating to you and how to use spiritual gifts for the glory of God. We all know that person, or you may be that person who stands in line at the Comic-Con to purchase an “Action Figure” that is still in the plastic. They hold that box of whatever character as if they are holding a baby. They may have just had the box signed, or if you are a purist, you keep it just as it is. Don’t bend it, don’t crease it and for goodness sake…don’t open it!

Matthew 7:20 — “Thus you will recognize them by their fruits.”

They get back to their fortress and open the closet where the other “Action Figures” are stored.

I think you can see the irony here. Action Figures that don’t ever get the chance to do anything, but remain in one place their whole life. They are in their original position from the time they were created.

If Superheroes Didn’t Use Their Gifts

If you’re one of the billions of people who have seen The Avengers, you probably go to the movie to look at the characters just sit around. You know they have power, but you want to see them chill out and maybe do laundry or cut the grass.

No? Of course not! You want to see them do stuff. You think the movie is too slow, if laser beams are not shooting out someone’s fingertips most of the time.

Using Spiritual Gifts To Serve

Think of the movie that you are the superhero with all your Gifts/Superpowers and God is the only moviegoer. He’s there to watch you use the gifts He has bestowed upon you. He is probably saying the same thing watching our movie: do stuff! You’re powerful!

How To Use Spiritual Gifts For The Glory of God

All kidding aside, God has given each of us a spiritual gift to use for His Glory. We all have them; some may seem to have more than others, and some may think they have none. But that is not the case as God has bestowed a spiritual gift to each of us, and with the power of the Holy Spirit, we should be using them.

Some may be able to speak in front of people; some may be to evangelize with others. Others may have the ability to write or sing to God’s Glory. The point is that none of us were created to be in the same position for our whole life. We each have a calling, and we are meant to grow in our walk with Jesus. Notice it’s a “walk with Jesus” and not a “standstill” with Jesus.” It’s an action verb that requires us to do something!

I guess the only question left is…what does your action figure outfit look like?

About the Author: Tj Todd is the President of UNCOMMEN and the CEO of Studio490 Creative Services.

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  1. Woodbridge VA

    Very well done. Point has truly been made.

    Thank You.

  2. Michael Ahmadi

    Very good article. Do you have examples of where I can find and take a “Spiritual Gift Test?”


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