God Loves His Children

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In case you don’t know, God loves his children. Now, a story… I have quite a bit of road time in my job. While I am driving, I do some of my best thinking. My wife would say some of my craziest thinking. I can imagine all kinds of things about the people I see in cars on the highway. Where are they going and why? This morning I saw truckers hitting the road for a long week of driving. I saw construction crews loaded with equipment and materials, no doubt thankful for a break in the heat. I routinely see people putting on makeup or shaving at 80 mph.

“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” — Proverbs 16:9

Life is Beautiful

This morning I was thinking about how busy we all get. Monday morning is full of optimism for the week and energy for the grind. Plans are in motion. Everyone I see is at various levels of preparedness for the week. But today, I wonder if I get so busy with things here that I miss the pure joy of existing. Life is beautiful.

If my wife and I were doing things over, we would do many things differently. One of the biggest is that we would have more kids. We have been loaned three of God’s best, but we would gladly take more of our own. We have, however, been blessed with a bunch of honorary kids. One of those came to see us this past week. She brought her five kids with her – honorary grandchildren – ranging in age between 7 years and seven weeks. To describe this, I can use words like chaos, active, and loud, among others. I can also use words like spellbinding, beautiful, pleasant, and peaceful. Yes, even during the chaos, peace was more deafening than noise.

In the middle of all this was their momma. Quiet as a mouse, although I did hear her say, “If you don’t get in, I will throw you in that pool!” to one who then proceeded to swim for the next few hours by herself. Mom was completely undisturbed by the noise, the fighting, or the fussing. If a kid cried, she could quickly recognize distress over manipulation. It was a thing of beauty to watch, and when they left, even Korbin missed them, and he hates noise. We had no agenda, no expectation, and no sense of urgency. There was not one thing either of those kids needed to “do” for our love. We reached a perfect pitch and held it for two days.

God Loves His Children

Do you think God thinks about us like that? Why did he need so many people? Maybe it’s for the same reason I would have more kids. He loves them. I do not think God gets rushed. I do not believe He has to have an agenda, although I realize He has a plan; those two things are different. Often, I think He likes watching our life. He can intervene for safety, just like we occasionally did. We will be hurt sometimes.

He can calm us when we are anxious. Occasionally a heavenly “If you don’t get in, I will throw you in” is needed. He can sit back and smile, watching us all grow. He can take pleasure when we learn and struggle and reach. None of us must “do” anything but accept Him, and even that is up to us to decide. I bet it’s a thing of beauty from His eyes.


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