Do People Know Your Calling?

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Do people know your calling? My dad was one of the hardest workers I have ever seen. He wanted that from us too. But as you get older, you realize that your effort to work can get overtaken by the details of life.

“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men” —Colossians 3:23

Finding Motivation | Know Your Calling

If my boss is an unbeliever, or worse, if they are a believer but treat me like I am disposable, motivation can wane. I can be committed to a job, but I have never had a boss who has been asked to die for me. And even if they did, my boss can’t rise for me. However, if I remember that I am ultimately working for God, motivation stays in better perspective.

My jobs now are all self-employed. If I don’t work hard, I don’t get paid. Sometimes when I do work hard, I still don’t, but that’s a different story. This week I have been challenged by the question of enthusiasm, which is different than motivation. I can work hard, but how enthused am I?

This week my wife and I received a phone call from a young lady we have known for probably 15 years. She recently graduated from college and wanted to tell us what she was up to these days. The back story for this person is that she came to know the Lord as a result of attending a memorial service after our daughter died ten years ago. I knew her story of finding God, but not much else.

Do People Know Your Calling?

This young lady proceeded to tell us about her life, struggles, victories, friends – her calling. She is DRIVEN to reach young people on college campuses. For the next four years, she is living next to the college campus, remaining part of a multi-faceted approach to reach people for God. Some who enter college have zero exposure to a walk with God. That’s where she will come in to help those students.

A couple of things were evident as she was talking. First, she needed support, prayers, and financial assistance. She never once asked us for money, but we asked her about it. She never once talked about how her next four years would be supported, but we asked her about it. The other clear thing is that her passion for the calling God gave her was extreme: Called. Convicted. Contagious.

Driven With Purpose

We have no doubt people who meet her will be drawn to her. No one will question whether she is authentic. We wanted to spend more time with her, and we are way too old to be her target. She hit it anyway. This young woman appears afraid of nothing and is ready to get to work. It reminded us of our daughters. Jordy could connect with literally anyone and Aly is honestly just as passionate about her calling as this young lady. Knowing that a memorial service for Jordy was where this particular fire got started is frankly both an anvil and a bonus. We will concentrate on the gift.

It got me thinking: does anyone know what drives me? Do I have a distinct calling to which I am committed? Do the people around me think I am enthused? God has a calling — a purpose — for all of us, that much is without question. We get it wrong when we think He calls some to serve in full-time ministry and others are on standby. Wherever you are, God has something for you – to receive or to do for Him.

Author: Rick Claiborn

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  1. Jeff Jackson

    Well said brother! I know often I have been drifting instead of heading with purpose on a steady bearing. It is easy to feel overwhelmed when we are just surviving the weather instead serving our Lord and Saviour’s mission for us. God bless.


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