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An Uncommen 2018 year in review! 2018 was a powerful year for Uncommen as we took significant strides in the growth and reach of the ministry. We spent all of 2017 and the first half of 2018 finishing off some of the administrative projects that gave us better functionality and cut costs. We hit some excellent milestones this year that will help us set bigger goals for 2019.

2018 Year In Review

  • 60+ Uncommen Charters worldwide (doubling compared to 2017)
    • Now in 24 states
    • Now in 8 different countries
  • 1 million devotion subscriptions in YouVersion
    • 25+ devotions developed and distributed through YouVersion
  • Doubled our Facebook audience
  • Grew our email list by 16% this year
  • Doubled our sales (Devotions, Gear and Sponsorship)
  • Tripled our ongoing donations
  • Tripled our donations on Giving Tuesday
  • Had 8x the number of donors on Giving Tuesday compared to 2017

Those are just a few of the areas where Uncommen has grown over the last 12 months. We have already set our sights on 2019 with new projects and content. 

Some Key Partnerships:

YouVersion continues to be a significant partner for Uncommen, and we’ll continue to produce monthly devotionals. We have been partnered with YouVersion since Uncommen began.

We are excited to have partnered with the OliveTree Bible App and 2or3 Bible App where we’ll be publishing our newest devotionals on a monthly basis. Both of these will be new partners for 2019.

We’re also excited to be partnering with Covenant Eyes where we’ll be producing exclusive blog content on a quarterly basis. They will be a new partner for 2019.

God Goals:

When our team met last year, we were challenged to set some God Goals. Those are goals that only could be achieved by God and not by anything we could do. So, during the year we would set aside emails from individuals that were beyond our control. People indicating that Uncommen had played a key role in restoring their marriage or was just the message they needed to hear at a desperate time in their life. There were a dozen or so of those moments throughout the year that spoke to our hearts and let us know that God has His hand on this ministry.

We want to thank you for being part of Uncommen. We have much left to do and many people to reach next year and need your help. While the task before us may be larger than me, they are not larger than our God!

If Uncommen was special to you as well, let us know by giving us your testimonial here.

Stay Uncommen!



  1. Bob Ramey

    After 37 years marriage God has given. He must have been given us a higher purpose that He be honored and glorified.

  2. Ed Rayner

    Thank you for your devotion and obedience to Gods calling for your ministry. I really needed the encouragement from your devotion today. Really glad I found this app and look forward to a new year of devotion to God. With His help, may I be the man my wife needs.

  3. Melody Collich

    So beautiful Ed, she will surely thank you.

  4. Melody Collich

    Amen to that Bob, Amen and Amen!


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