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2018 Year In Review | An Uncommen Year

An Uncommen 2018 year in review! 2018 was a powerful year for Uncommen as we took significant strides in the growth and reach of the ministry. We spent all of 2017 and the first half of 2018 finishing off some of the administrative projects that gave us better functionality and cut costs. We hit some […]
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What It Takes To Run a Non-Profit We’re glad you asked! Many times throughout the year we get approached by people wanting to help further the reach of Uncommen and help us reach men around the world. The amount of encouraging feedback we receive from people is staggering and makes us take this God-sized task […]
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An Uncommon Storm Deserves an Uncommen Response

I was born and raised in New Orleans and spent 38+ years of my life there. Any good Cajun knows Hurricane season runs June through November. We usually have to evacuate the area at least once a season for an unplanned overnight stay in the region. But having gone through Katrina and having been an […]
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Signing up for the Uncommen Newsletter

We wanted to reach out to our current and future audience with some information about our newsletter and our goal to provide you with Uncommen content. We’ve noticed a couple of “Did not sign-up for list” or “No longer interested” entries on the reports. We only want to deliver content to those who want to […]
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What happened to the Uncommen App?

We’ve spent several years creating, revising, and maintaining the Uncommen App. After investing over $100,000 into the App, we had to make a hard decision whether to keep investing or put development on hold. We decided to put it on hold for a year or so to determine the demand for an app and how […]
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Year Review – What a Year 2015 Has Been!

2015 Year Review! Incredible. As I do a year review, incredible is how I describe 2015 for UNCOMMEN. We started out with the dream of affecting myriads of families by launching, “a mobile app to combat the jacked up dad stats.” After launching our app, and receiving great applause in our home city, Charlotte, NC, […]
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