What makes an UNCOMMEN Father?

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What makes an UNCOMMEN Father?

Deuteronomy 4:9 — “Only take care, and keep your soul diligently, lest you forget the things that your eyes have seen, and lest they depart from your heart all the days of your life. Make them known to your children and your children’s children.”

I had to ask myself what that meant? How is it defined? How is it played out in real life?

So, I decided to sit down and ask my six children. I have three biological and three step-children, ranging from 31 years old to 5 years old. I sat down and asked them all individually and then in a group; please say what you think a UNCOMMEN father is!

This following is a synopsis of their answers.

An Uncommen father is:

  • A man who taught me I can do anything in the entire world.
  • A man that taught me that I am just as strong as he is.
  • A man that picks me up when I am broken.
  • A man that teaches me every day to be humble.
  • A man that taught me what I should look for in a man.
  • A man that taught me how to keep my family close.
  • A man that shows me what the real definition of family is.
  • A man that taught me just how important morals are.
  • A man that continually proves that the work involved in being “dad,” doesn’t have to be a job.
  • A man that believes in me even when I can’t.
  • A man who offers non-judgmental, unconditional, love-filled hugs, and “dad talks.
  • A man that we all could be proud to have as a father.

Our Only Hope

I would say that pretty much sums it up as to what an Uncommen father should exemplify. I’m not the perfect, UNCOMMEN father, and neither are you. There’s only been one perfect person in history. There was this one guy, a couple of thousand years ago: Jesus Christ.

But for you and me, nope, no way are we perfect or could we ever be anything but human.

After sitting and listening to my children define what a UNCOMMEN father was and to hear them say I exemplified those things, it was humbling. I made me think, “maybe I’m doing something right.” It showed me that I had planted seeds that have borne fruit and that my children were part of my successful harvest.

Author: Adam

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  1. Adam Hamill

    I am Greatly humbled that the Uncommen team selected this piece of my world to be published.
    Thank you all for the influence you have in my life every day which has also translated into my relationship with all my children.


    • Tj Todd

      Adam, it is our pleasure! Thank you for supporting Uncommen this way.

      • Adam Hamill

        The humble thanks and gratitude is mine my friends.

    • Keith

      We have been pushing you for years Adam to share your unique and UNCOMMON method of expressions, beliefs and ministry. You have blessed so many of us with your Rise and Grind.
      Congratulations and much love my brother.

      • Adam Hamill

        I had No idea!
        Thank you !!!!!

  2. Rick

    Awesome. Asking your family those questions can be humbling. Keep up the good work

    • Adam Hamill

      Thank you very much!

  3. Dennis Botts

    I wish I could have did a better job.
    I know I planted seeds but some seeds are not enough.
    I pray that I seek Jesus more and more each day so more seeds will be planted. I know it’s never to late.

    • Adam Hamill

      I think We all believe we could have done a better job Brother.
      Stay firm in your faith my friend and thank you

  4. Gary Armour

    Adam, thank you for sharing this. I wish my fruit was as delightful as the answers your children gave you. Unfortunately, I had little help as a young Christian father to know how to teach my children. Even though all three sons professed to know Jesus as youngsters, none wants to talk about Him today. As middle age adults, they have turned away from him.
    I praise God for those, like you, who have learned and are learning to be uncommen fathers!

    • Adam Hamill

      Very humbled by your words my friend.
      You’ve shown them the door, they are the ones who must choose to walk through it.
      Thank you


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