Tools You’ll Need for Godly Manhood in a Fallen Culture

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Godly manhood in a fallen culture is not always so easy. Do you let society determine what a man should be? Or do you look to be the man that God describes in Genesis 1:26? Genesis 1:26 — “Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.

God Made Us With Purpose

In our focus verse, we see that when God made the man, He had a blueprint in mind. God created man and woman in His likeness. He didn’t make us look like Him, but rather reflect Him. Leviticus 11:45 tells us, “For I am the Lord who brought you up out of the land of Egypt to be your God. You shall, therefore, be holy, for I am holy.”

Culture Doesn’t Define Godly Manhood

Why do we compare ourselves to what culture says a man is? We can’t base that on what culture determines because that shifts throughout the years. When culture defines something created by God, you are in dangerous territory. God’s Word is very instructive for the life of a Godly man. Notably, the entire Bible has much to say about manhood.
Some lessons, earthly dads can’t teach. Others, the culture will incorrectly inform you. God’s Word teaches vital lessons. Tools you’ll need:

  • Bible
  • Prayer
  • Patience
  • Repentance
  • Discernment

Godly Manhood in a Fallen Culture

A Godly man in a fallen culture needs these tools and a community; people like your family, friends, spouse, and church members. These people can encourage and rebuke when needed. It will require repentance of your sins, prayer, and the study of God’s Word to discover what real manhood is in the eyes of God. As you can see, quality time with God is vital in the life of the believer. Being a man of God will benefit not just yourself but others around you as well. They’ll be thankful for your Godly pursuits! Your wife, kids, friends, community, and country will see the difference in a Godly man. Author: Tj Todd is the Executive Director of UNCOMMEN and the CEO of Studio490 Creative Services. For more reading materials on Godly Manhood in a Fallen Culture, see below:



  1. Gary Armour

    Every week I anticipate receiving the UNCOMMEN blog in my email. TJ, you always seem to hit the nail”square on “ with each of your posts. Men were created by God to be leaders and as Christ followers that makes our job very important. Too important to let the World (fallen culture) around us dictate what we should look like or behave.
    Keep up the good work you have been called to do!

  2. Scott Johnson

    If I may add one other “tool” men need, it is other men! We simply cannot be the men God has called us to be without other godly men surrounding us! Men, please don’t ignore the power that can be found in the presence of other godly men.


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