Time Heals All Wounds

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“I thank my God every time I remember you.” Philippians 1:3 NIV

There is a saying, “time heals all wounds.” I have been thinking about that a lot this week. We are now four days from marking 12 years since the accident that took the lives of two kids. That seems like so much time. That means Aly has lived over half of her life without her sister. Korbin has lived 70% of his life without her.

The Bible says that God created heaven and earth. He also made time as it relates to earth. One orbit means one year. One rotation equals one day. If yesterday was terrible, today might be better. But does the wound heal? I wouldn’t say I like the concept of time healing me because that means it is, in fact, possible to be completely cured. I have to live long enough. I have not yet lived long enough to be healed. This week has been rough.

After Jordyn died, my pastor made me sit down so he could tell me this: “Rick, you do not have to move on, but you do have to move forward.” I think we have done that. Aly is an educator, and she is good at it. She is married and pregnant and probably one of the best two or three people I have ever known. Her husband is honestly a better man than I was at his age. Korbin is doing things I thought he would never try. He has been volunteering at a group home for men with disabilities. I have seen him gather eggs with chickens in chaos around him. I saw him pick blackberries with butterflies all around him, which used to paralyze him in fear. I saw him drive.

My wife is amazing. She is just good at taking care of people. She is probably the most challenging person I know, and that may not sound like a compliment from a husband. I think she is beautiful, but she would hand her last breath if I asked her for it. Honestly, there are so many good things. Why is it still so hard?

I heard a message from Dr. Tony Evans once. He said that he felt that God implemented time and the casting of Satan from heaven to prove that He could do more with an inferior being who would honor Him (us) than He could with a superior being who wouldn’t (Satan). I think this is why it is so hard. But, he can use the evidence.

As a witness, I am only called if I have experience in an area or when I have seen His work. If I never experienced anything, how valuable would my testimony be? If people have not seen someone struggle, they never see an example of how they can handle struggle by handing it to Jesus. It won’t make sense from a worldly or temporary perspective. But from a heavenly perspective, every second is useful.

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