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So I went to the doctor recently for my annual physical. If you’re anything like me, you probably only visit the doctor when you’re falling apart. Guys, let’s be honest. I have to be feeling really sick before I’ll drag myself off to the docs and by this point, it’s probably a whole lot worse than it could have been. As it turns out, I’m not alone.

The Cleveland Clinic surveyed more than 500 men ages 18 to 70 across the United States and found that only three in five men get an annual physical, and just over 40 percent go to the doctor only when they fear they have a serious medical condition.

During my consultation, I mentioned I was regularly stressed from juggling a lot of demands on my time, and it was beginning to impact how well I was sleeping. Rather than just prescribe a pill, my doctor suggested a series of blood tests to see what’s going on in my body that may be causing me to feel more stressed and anxious than usual. The results of those tests were startling.

It turns out I’m enormously deficient in many super essential vitamins and minerals. The results show that my body is in what’s called adrenal overdrive which means I’m pushing myself too hard. And here’s the kicker. Because I wasn’t suffering from what I thought was a significant illness, I wouldn’t have even visited my doctor unless I’d been encouraged to visit by my wife.

We all need a regular check on our health. We take our cars in for routine checks and get the oil changed to ensure they don’t break down, but it’s crazy when you think about us not doing the same for our bodies. I know for a lot of guys, we only go to the doctor when we’ve broken down. It’s not how we treat our cars, so why do we treat our bodies like this?

My appointment was a massive eye-opener regarding my health, and they’ve made me realize that we all need to go to the doctor when we’re not sick or broken down – we all need to stop waiting until it’s too late and we’re suffering. Preventive care means we don’t actually get to that point. It also means our bodies are running as best as we possibly can which is what’s needed to ward off diseases, which becomes even more important the older we get. Things like heart disease, high blood pressure, and cancer can all be positively impacted and possibly avoided if our bodies are running at optimal levels. So get in there and make time for the doctor’s checkup.

“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own.”  1 Corinthians 6:19



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