We wanted to reach out to our current and future audience with some information about our newsletter and our goal to provide you with Uncommen content. We’ve noticed a couple of “Did not sign-up for list” or “No longer interested” entries on the reports. We only want to deliver content to those who want to get it. So here we go…

When you sign-up

  • We have a double opt-in process so you have to really want to sign-up for the newsletter.
  • If you don’t complete the 2nd opt-in, you won’t be added to the database.

What do we send out?

  • Each week, we email the blog post that is published on our website. This is in case you’d rather read it in your email application.
  • Once per month, we send out an informative email that talks about Uncommen as a movement. New charters, studies,  gear as well as challenges to our ever-growing list of Uncommen Men.

How often do we email?

  • A total of 5 emails a month (one blog post each week and one informative email)
  • We promise we won’t spam your email and all emails will be informative and helpful.

“I didn’t sign up for list…”

If you started getting emails from us, you may have someone in your life that wants you to get this content. We’ve had wives, brothers and parents tell us they have signed up a person because they wanted them to get this content. So before you unsubscribe from our list, read one or two of our articles. We are trying to reach the common man with Uncommen content.




For those “No longer interested”

We get it…you may have signed up when you were using the Uncommen App and now that it’s in the shop, you don’t want to get emails. But the same great content, cause and goals that you liked so much in the app are still on the website and in our social channels. Give us a chance!

Thank you and have a blessed day.