Overcoming Church Hurt: Finding Hope and Restoration in Faith




Join TJ and Joshua in this episode of the Uncommen Man to Man Podcast: Overcoming Church Hurt – Finding Hope and Restoration in Faith, where they delve into ‘church hurt.’ This podcast addresses an often overlooked issue in the church community, exploring personal experiences and shedding light on how it impacts individual faith journeys.

Starting from their own narratives of attending different churches over the years, the hosts discuss the importance of theological alignment in finding the right church. They share their discomfort with churches, avoiding the subject of sin and replacing it with more benign words like ‘hardships.’ They underline the significance of keeping the Bible at the center of church preaching rather than just using it as a decorative element.

The podcast also investigates the role of personal interactions within the church community in creating church hurt. How does the behavior of one person, seen as a representative of the church, affect the collective perception of the church? This episode addresses such questions, understanding how personal biases and expectations can sometimes lead to unwarranted disappointment and distance from the church.

TJ and Joshua also emphasize the risk of using ‘church hurt’ as an excuse to avoid seeking a suitable church. They caution against complacency, urging listeners to differentiate between minor inconveniences, such as dislike for the music or the pastor’s hat, and significant theological misalignments.

Toward the end, the conversation steers toward the importance of forgiveness, returning to fellowship, and recognizing when we might be causing our own church hurt. They conclude with an encouraging note to focus on the pillars of faith rather than bickering over the ‘color of the carpet.’

Tune in for an earnest conversation that challenges, enlightens, and equips you to navigate overcoming church hurt. This episode offers a rare, profound exploration of faith, fellowship, and the importance of maintaining theological soundness over superficial preferences. It’s a must-listen for anyone seeking to understand the complexities of church dynamics and personal faith. Suggested Resource: Exploring Our Spiritual Weaknesses.


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