Importance of Good Communication Skills
If you’ve been with Uncommen any length of time we talk about communication a lot. I seem to have a ways to go before I can communicate effectively in a Christ-like manner. So onward we go learning the importance of good communication skills.

This week we focusing on Leaders because leaders lead people. They get in front of people and share things with them. They start conversations, share thoughts and engage people. So today’s topic is about when a leader speaks with someone, what is being said and what is being heard.

My wife and I were talking more Saturday morning over breakfast and talking about…you guessed it…communication.  She was telling me about a person she follows on social media through her workout app who she believed to be a Christian. I asked her how she knew and she read some of the posts this person shared. Using buzz words like “Blessed” and “Praying”.  Now saying you are a Christian no more makes that true as much as standing in your garage makes you a Tesla. But I knew what she was saying so I asked her, “how long do you think you have to speak to someone before they knew you were a Christian?”  She got this look on her face and I knew it was a good discussion point for Uncommen. Question: how long do you think you have to speak to someone before they knew you were a Christian? This is going to vary on each person when you consider their maturity, self-confidence, personality, and more. But here are three examples:

The Over-saved
You know that person who directs every conversation toward Jesus. I was at a party and LSU was playing Clemson in a bowl game and I was talking to someone and he said he was for Clemson. I told him as a good Louisiana boy, I was for LSU. One of the party hosts walked in and I asked her, who she was pulling for in the game. She said I’m on team Jesus. Bless your heart Example: I can’t find my keys. Oversaved…you need to find the keys to the kingdom! Recognition level: within 5 min

The Ugly Christian
You know that person who is like a mousetrap waiting to snap. This person wants to beat you over the head on how holy they are and how unholy you are. They usually give you about 2 min to get chit-chat out of the way, they state something they do and then ask if you do something as much as they do. Example: I get up at 4 am drive to XYZ and do a 4 hour Bible Study 6 days a week. How much time do you spend studying the Bible? Pro Tip: There is no right answer for this story topper Recognition level: within 3 min

The Ashamed
You know that person who never talks about their faith because they are afraid of what you will think of them. This person may indeed be a Christian, but never ever wants to talk about their faith. In fact, it may make their skin crawl depending on who else is in the room.  Example:  The ashamed: Reading any good books?  Me: Well, I’ve been trying to learn more about SEO at work but I’ve really been enjoying my time in Romans. I’m doing a deep dive in the book as it’s one of my favorites. The ashamed: So what is SEO? (they no more care about SEO but would dare not ask about Romans) Recognition level: 5+ years

Truth & Grace

  • The sweet spot should be weaving your faith into your conversations without a plan. It should be something you speak about often enough always to be identified as a Christian.
  • Luke 9:26 “For whoever is ashamed of me and of my words, of him will the Son of Man be ashamed when he comes in his glory and the glory of the Father and of the holy angels.”

Challenge: If you pray to God about giving your opportunities to speak to people about Jesus, He will open doors. You have to be ready to speak with Truth and Grace.