How to Enjoy Parenting At Every Stage

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Are you a parent? Wanting to be one? Well, hear it from a seasoned father. Enjoy every moment, including the painful ones. How to enjoy parenting? Let’s consider that.

“Moreover, we have all had human fathers who disciplined us and we respected them for it. How much more should we submit to the Father of spirits and Live!” – Hebrews 12:9 NIV

I love being a father. I remember hearing Mary tell me she was pregnant with each child. That’s a cool conversation. The first time we lived in Scott City, Kansas, and I was the Recreation Director. That is another way of saying that I worked a lot. I would come home and get Jordyn out of bed to just hold her. I knew we would have to move because I knew I did not want to be absent. Fortunately, God had a plan for us to move to Hays. I was still a Recreation Director, so I always worked a lot, but it was better.

Once you hold that child, things get serious, though. Am I good enough? Will I screw this up? I have no idea what I am doing.

If I Could Go Back…

I would do a lot of things differently in life. Mostly I would live slower, soak in more moments. We would have more kids. We stopped at three, but one cool thing about having kids is they bring other kids to the house. As you get to know them and love them, they become part of your family.

I even got to perform a wedding for one of them a few years ago, and I get to do another one in a few weeks. In that way, we have lots of kids. We are blessed beyond measure. Our three have been amazing to me.

Too many dads compartmentalize life. “This is business.” We get a lot of our identity from work, and I understand that. But if I could tell men one thing, it is this – your job is fine, but man, your kids will end up impacted, and they will remember how you approached life.

An infant can feel stress in you. If you do not believe that, try to rock a baby to sleep while pegging the stress meter, and you will find out. It turns out an elementary-aged kid, an autistic kid, a high school kid, and undoubtedly adult kids can still read you. Middle school-aged kids are insane. Hang on for dear life, and it’ll get better.

How to Enjoy Parenting At Every Stage

My point is this: do not worry about a destination or goal somewhere in the future. How to enjoy parenting starts with embracing the journey today. Every stage you cling to means you are heading toward another step you can cherish. In my experience, each stage gets better. Also, no new stage or point in life subtracts from the former. Your mind and heart can expand exponentially. Don’t forget to live!


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