The Importance of Accountability in the Church

Our scripture reminds us of the importance of accountability in the life of the believer.

1 Timothy 5:20 — “Those who continue in sin, rebuke in the presence of all, so that the rest also will be fearful of sinning.” 

Every day I begin my devotion in prayer. I ask God to clear my conscience so I can bask in the wisdom of His Words. After reading the word, I begin to go into deep prayer and then write that prayer in my prayer journal. This journal has all of my thanks, all of my request and all of my sin.

The Importance of Accountability

Each day I write down my sins and ask for forgiveness. I try to remind myself not to commit that sin again. But yet it seems I am asking for forgiveness for the same sin again and again and again. Not every day but way too often. But what would happen if people were to announce my sin or your sin? What if your sins were posted on the internet or TV or newspaper? More than likely you would become fearful of that sin. 

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Timothy talks about this very thing. He reminds the leaders of the church, that if any one of the elders are in sin that they should confidentially confront them. But if that person were to continue to sin, that they should make it public. The point of making it public is to scare anyone else who might think it’s OK to sin and hopefully make people fearful to even sin in the first place.

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So I ask, do you fear sin? Are you so scared of sin that you avoid it? Most of us don’t. First: Accountability- Find someone you can confide in and share your sin. Ask that person to hold you accountable and keep you from making that sin. Second- is to write down everyone in your life that would be affected by that sin if you were caught. If your sin were made public today, how many people would it affect?

As a pastor, any sin that I commit has so many ramifications that I try hard not to allow myself the opportunity to get into a bad situation. I know I am weak and would be easily lead astray. So I stay in the word, pray and talk to my accountability partner regularly. Don’t fall into Satan’s trap. Since you can’t do this alone, seek help from God and friends. 

God bless and share your faith,

Pastor Jody, lead pastor of Ignite Church.

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