3 Qualities of a Provider

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I am a Judge’s son. 

Growing up, I was the cute little blond-haired kid campaigning on your doorstep and stuttering in a high voice, Hi. P-P-Please vote for my Dad.” 

I was so proud to be my father’s son. To this day, I take full credit for my Dad getting elected all those years. 

Regardless of your Dad” experience growing up, someone along the way worked hard to provide for you. Growing up, I took my Dad for granted. However, the older I get, the I am more thankful for his diligence and sacrifice. 

He was a provider. 

As a man of faith, I take responsibility for my household pretty seriously. You may be at a different place spiritually, but we could all agree that working hard and coming up short is one thing, but being lazy while our family starves” is not our calling. 

Was P. Diddy right when he so eloquently stated, all about the Benjamins, baby”? It should be the duty and joy of every man to put food on the table, clothes in the closet, and money in the accounts. However, being a provider is more than bringing home the bacon. It’s more than paying for nice houses, vacations, and private schools. It’s so much more than just being a cog in the wheel of life. The call to provide is much broader than just the monetary. 

What if we cared more about filling the hearts of our family than filling the accounts of our bank? 

Maybe it’s more about what we leave in our family than what we leave for our family. After all, one is a more significant investment with perpetual returns, while the other is a smaller investment with temporary returns. 

I don’t know about you, but this broader meaning of a provider” takes the pressure off to try to keep up with the Jones’.” I believe the true call of provision is modeled for us in the following: With presence. With perseverance. With prudence. 

#1. Presence. The greatest example isn’t a distant or disengaged father who hides behind a busy schedule. While he may be busy, he is never too hurried to be with his family. He realizes the greatest gift he can give his kids is simply His presence. He is the kind of Dad who is fully present and in the moment. He’s not distracted by emails, texts, or the latest news feed. This Dad is slow to speak, quick to listen, and content to just be with his kids. A present” provider’s identity isn’t wrapped up in their job but rather in their family. 

#2. He providesperseverance. The greatest example of a Dad isn’t a passive father who remains silent when he needs to speak up or gives up when he needs to step up. When storms come, His humble yet confident perseverance rubs off on his kids, inspiring them to have the same grit, resolve, and endurance he has for them. 

#3. He providesprudence. The greatest example of a Dad isn’t the kind of Dad driven by instant gratification and whatever feels good at the moment. While he is fully present, he also leads with prudence and is wise about planning our future.  

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Heath Krueger writes this week’s blog post. Heath grew up in Ohio but calls Charlotte home. He is a proud father of 3 kids and a Pastor for 15 years. 


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