Where To Focus When In Despair

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What a week…business problems, church problems, people problems. It seems all of a sudden that nothing but problems are in my life.

A few months ago, I felt as if our business was unstoppable, boy was I wrong. Business has slowed almost to a stop. I do see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I just hope it’s not a train. 

The strains of the church have taken hold as well. With the economy, the world problems and individual struggles, people are starting to become depressed and despaired. In which comes with lots of counsel.   

Distracting My Focus | Falling into Despair

With all this going on it has taken my focus off of God and placed it on “me.” Not a good place to be. I don’t know about you, but when I do that, depression and desperation kick in. This seems to be where the whole world is right now. We are all so focused on ourselves we have forgotten others are suffering as well. We are focused on the physical instead of the spiritual. This is where Satan wants us because now he’s in control. Our focus is off of God and focus on us gives Satan the opportunity to play games with our minds, thus depression and desperation. 

So yesterday, as I am wallowing in my own pity, a ministry opportunity came about, and I was able to help someone who was in need. This person was in desperate need of some help, counsel, and prayer. I was able to help, and for a moment all my depression and despair went away. It was a wonderful feeling. 

Imagine if just for a moment we took all our self-centered focus and placed it on those around us. How awesome would it be? Imagine how little depression and desperation there would be in the world.

The Power of the Word | Escaping Despair

Now imagine if we stayed in the word every day, we applied the word to our lives, and we remained focused on the other around us. That’s a world I want to live in. Any time we take our focus off of God, sooner or later the depression and despair will appear.

So try this with me. Let’s all stay in the word, keep our focus on God and others and see how you and I feel then. Let me know the success you have. I would bet it’s a better place than being depressed and despaired. I saw a glimpse of that yesterday.  

Psalm 32:7 (NASB95) “You are my hiding place; You preserve me from trouble; You surround me with songs of deliverance.

Author: Jody Burkeen, the founder of Man Up God’s Way.



  1. Ron

    Thanks you for the reminder. My life feels it’s all about me! I feel so self centered (alot of the time ) but your right once we serve others everything just seems to be lighter ! I have been a Christian for 25 yrs , struggled on again off again This is what Jesus would do!

  2. Ely C

    Filled with His Holy Spirit
    Obedient to His Word
    Crucified in Christ
    Unique to the World not of..
    Servant heart and attitude

    This is what FOCUS means to me. I know it’s early, but starting now and for 2019; this is my intentional approach.

  3. isaac thibodeaux

    I know the feeling after being in the oilfield for 17 years then waking up only to find out the one thing I was good at , the one thing I dedicated my life to was gone. I currently have no Job, trying to start two businesses 1 fails Defoe a month or two then blows up for a month. Yet there is still never enough month at the of the money! I too fell into a depression almost to the point of letting the evil one in my life again! I reached out to a friend from church who basically said all the same things Keep Your Cup full. Stay in the word. Let God fight! So that’s what I did! I re-filled my cup. I am hoping that my cup will over flow but this time I am letting God direct the flow, push the buttons, and guide me on the path he wants me on not the path earthly desires want me on! As I went through this the enemy knew my weakness, and that’s cause just like any fighter he studied for the fight and I didn’t! To win a fight you must know your enemies weaknesses, his weapons! The devil has many! The word and fellowship is ours and it’s stronger than anything the enemy can throw at us. Have Godfidence! Faith in him who lives inside all of us. We may have weaknesses but we are not weak, we may stumble but we will not fall! So suit up in the armor of God and go to battle. Let nothing negative enter your mind! We are his children it’s time to act like it. When you do anything ask your self would God approve. This isn’t only when others are around either. Be the difference if you want to see true change! May God forgive and watch over us all. Thank you Lord for all you do for all of your children it is your Glory we need!

    • Terry Schmitt

      Thanks for sharing your struggles and Beautifully said….. God bless!

  4. Andre Loots

    The Lord shared the same thing with me recently, that it is all about HIM and not us. That’s a hard pill to swallow…….but amazingly, when we put Him in the centre of our lives, everything starts to work out bit by bit!

    Thanks for honestly sharing your fears and how you overcame!

  5. Robert

    I have been struggling with the me in this world too. I sacrifice a lot for others and the church but only as long as my comfort is maintained. I know there’s mire out there for me but only if and when I focus less on me!


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