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What an incredible yet challenging year 2016 has been for our nation and our world. As the New Year’s Resolutions often wear off in late January to early February, I thought it would be a great time to share our mission at Uncommen because we want to help you achieve your goals as a man, husband, father, employee, employer, and friend. We are in this thing together! 

In “Start with Why” well-known author and speaker Simon Sinek challenges us all before you start anything… Start with Why. “Do you know your Why? The purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you to do what you do?”

Since our audience has grown quite significantly this past year, we wanted to bring everyone back to our “Why” in case there were any questions. Why are we doing this thing called Uncommen? Why are we writing all this content? Why are we posting it on all these social media feeds? Why do we have a website? Why do we make all these videos geared towards encouraging men to re-engage? 

Here is your answer to these questions and what fuels us to keep going.


Uncommen exists to encourage men to be better Leaders, Husbands, and Dads by equipping individuals and organizations with inspiring and educational resources. Our vision is to help men succeed at being the man they were always meant to be.

Why We Exist

Because the stats don’t lie, the common man spends a lot of time chasing the urgent over the important and consuming fantasy over investing in what matters.

But when men win: wives, kids, and society wins.

When men win, we don’t have to build as many shelters for abandoned families or pay the psychological and emotional toll for fatherless kids, or care for so many abused and neglected wives.

If we’re going to solve societal ills, we need a few uncommon approaches. Instead of yelling at dudes, “Hey loser, shape up or ship out!” and heaping societal shame and guilt on their shoulders, we designed a mobile app that connects guys to each other and challenges them to engage their wives, kids, friends, co-workers, employees…pretty much anybody.

We believe men respond to challenges far more than criticisms.

Who We Are

UNCOMMEN is a team of men and women passionate about seeing guys win in the most important areas of their lives: as leaders, husbands, and dads.

About the Author: Sam Casey is the Managing Partner at Banyan Creative based in Matthews, NC. He is also the Content Editor at Uncommen. This year he looks forward to keeping his “Why” front and center all year long.


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