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I started up my first business at the age of 34. Before that, I was in sales but became very tired of the travel.  I sold my corporate stock, bought a franchise and began a 13-year run in small business. It was hard work, long hours and, at first, quite the dip in salary with few benefits. It fit my personality. I was home sleeping in the same bed every night, I controlled my own schedule and was rewarded or punished for my own efforts. The buck stopped with me.

Finding Friends | Share Your Testimony

At the same time, I was becoming active in my church. It was a friendly church with a solid Christian message. However, my best friends were those outside of the church.  The men at church didn’t understand my stress and never took an interest in my work. Instead, three of my business associates and I went out to lunch once a month, and they became my good friends. These guys did not have the same faith as me. In fact, they lived carnal lifestyles that were far from Christian. They lived for making the most money that they could, anyway they could without getting caught.  

What I liked about them was they were real. We trusted each other, and we were open and honest about our businesses and lifestyles. Their morality was not based on Biblical principles, but on what was best for them. There was a difference in our morality, but not our loyalty and trust for each other. Most men at my church were friendly and shared my Christian beliefs, but not close friends. That changed later, but at this time in my life and in the life of the church, it was, unfortunately, the truth

The Change | Share Your Testimony

I went to a Christian seminar that challenged me to share my faith but through a personal experience. I’m not a natural evangelist, so I wrote out a couple of paragraphs about how the Lord helped me to heal the relationship with my dad. I was the third boy in our family, and he must have just gotten tired of being a dad.  It wasn’t openly contentious, but it was a wound in my heart that needed to be healed. The Lord healed that wound, and I put it on paper so as not to stumble over my words in case the opportunity came up.

Only a couple of days later I was having lunch with my business buddies. I’m telling you and promise on a stack of Bibles, the subject of dads came up in our discussion. It was crazy! With years of lunches, never did that subject ever come up.  My mind was racing. I knew what to say, because I had written it down only a few days before, but these were my friends. What would they think? But if I was true to my faith, I needed to say something, so I went ahead and shared it. They didn’t laugh. They listened. I was their friend. They had broken relationships with their dads and did nothing.  Mine was broken, and it was healed only by the Grace of Christ. That experience was a breakthrough for me not to be ashamed of the Gospel.  Why should I not share it? It was real.

Where From Here? | Share Your Testimony

Years ago, I sold my businesses and last year I moved out of state. I loved those guys, and when I think of them, I pray for them. My lifestyle was a good example to them, and occasionally, like the above story, the truth would come out, verbally.  However, now, it is up to the Holy Spirit to move in their lives and others of faith to come alongside.

Recently, I was rechallenged to write down my Christian testimony. I did and am eagerly waiting on the Lord to give me the opportunity to share it.  It’s real! No need to “hide it under a bushel.” Share your testimony!

Matthew 5:6 “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

Author: Paul Veerman.



  1. Roger Oshima

    A great testimony to remind us all how the the enemy uses the fear of man to prevent the light of Christ shine through us in this dark world.

  2. Joshua

    Our testimonies, do bring glory to God!
    He has pulled me out of the pit many times. These trials have strengthened me. I am the boss at my store location. I used to wonder if this type of job was part of my purpose. As the Lord sent certain people to my store, I have realized He placed these men with me for a reason. God has given me many opportunities to share many testimonies from my life, that my experiences may guide others. Because the ultimate Truth is Jesus saved me from many troubles in my life. All of the glory goes to Him. Then even more glory goes to Him when our testimonies help others.

  3. Jason

    Great story. I would love to know where I can find your written testimony, Paul. I feel the Lord tugging on me to do the same.


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