You’re Precious in His Sight

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You’re precious in His sight. My kids have a pencil sharpener shaped like a little cow. They LOVE that thing. It is deeply precious to them.

This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.” — 1 John 4:9-10 

Once Lost | Precious in His sight

One morning, my son Luke was emptying his “Cowie” over the trash can and dropped half of the sharpener in the trash. He couldn’t find it. He asked my wife to look for it, and after a cursory search she turned up…nothing. My son was devastated. The tears flowed like water, the eyes and cheeks were red, and worst of all, we had to leave for basketball practice, followed by dance class, followed by errands and a trip to a farm with friends. And we wouldn’t be back all day long.

Now, around my house, I’m known as “St. Anthony, the finder of lost things.” If it’s lost, I WILL find it. It’s really quite uncanny if I do say so myself. When we returned home after a long day out, I needed to find this Cowie for my boy. So, I took the trash bag outside to the big trashcan. In the dark with a flashlight in my mouth, I scoured through a filthy bag of household refuse. Banana peels, soiled napkins, coffee grounds all over everything. It was pretty disgusting.

One by one, I picked through each piece of garbage in search of this precious thing my boy had to have. And there, nestled in an empty bread bag, slick with wetness and dotted with coffee grounds and other muck, was Cowie. I wiped it off and presented it to him. He was overjoyed that his precious pencil sharpener, in his mind lost forever, was finally found and brought back to him.

Now Found | Precious in His Sight

It occurred to me later that that’s kind of how God is with us. We’re lost, adrift in a sea of refuse that is our life; dirty, filthy, discarded, whether accidentally or intentionally. But we’re precious to Him. He loves us. And He searches us out. And then draws us out from the muck and mire, cleans us off, and presents us as a fresh, clean thing, a new creation though still precious in His sight.  

Be blessed.

Takeaway: No matter how much you’re covered in banana peels and coffee grounds, remember that God loves you and is searching just for you. Because you’re precious to Him.

Author: Tony Penny, Special Advisor to the Senior Pastor
Assistant Producer, “RealTalk with Dr. David Anderson” Radio Show



  1. Beverly Swinson

    : No matter how much you’re covered in banana peels and coffee grounds, remember that God loves you and is searching just for you. Because you’re precious to Him.

    • Lily cachero

      Yes I believe because God is love
      No matter how sinfull you are God forgive you
      Because his love is unconditional. Love God with all your heart , your mind ,your soul and everything will be added to you.
      For if you believe in Him you’ll have eternal life.

  2. Billy

    Sometimes we need to hear the simple truth to remind us how special we really are to God. Really appreciated this today. It was a word in session for me
    Thank you

    • Lily cachero

      Yes what ever we do we have to appreciate God for what he have done in our life. For God if so good, he provides all our need

  3. Gerry

    Amen! Thank God that HE didn’t stop searching for me, no matter how much I’m covered with coffee grounds and banana peel and all that comes with the garbage bag….despite of it all…HE found me and Praise God that I found HIM!

  4. Darrell Higginbottom

    A good reminder of what real love is. It is not temporary and we do not earn it. It is a lasting gift, freely given. It is not the example that the world gives which is often temporary and earnt. As Christian Men we need to continually strive to reveal that to others in our everyday lives. We do this not to earn or justify God’s amazing and unconditional love for us, rather we do this to show others God’s amazing and unconditional love for them.


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