Difficult Truths




In this episode of the ‘Man to Man’ podcast, hosts TJ and Joshua dive deep into the challenging waters of delivering hard truths to those we care about. They open up about their personal experiences, sharing stories of confronting friends about destructive behaviors such as alcohol dependency and questioning faith. They discuss the emotional toll these confrontations can take, and the difficult truths they’ve had to make when their attempts to help were met with resistance.

The conversation also explores the broader societal trend of embracing personal truths over absolute truths. They reflect on how this shift impacts their interactions with others, particularly when their faith-based perspectives clash with the views of those around them. They share instances of receiving backlash for their content and beliefs, and how they navigate these situations with grace and steadfastness.

In the face of these challenges, TJ and Joshua emphasize the importance of staying grounded in their faith, seeking godly counsel, and being prepared for the potential fallout of these difficult conversations. They also highlight the necessity of setting boundaries and knowing when to step back for the sake of their own spiritual health.

As they wrap up the episode, they extend an invitation to their listeners to share their own experiences and insights on handling these complex situations. Whether you’ve had a similar experience that didn’t turn out well, or if you’ve found a successful approach, they encourage you to join the conversation.

Tune in to this episode of ‘Man to Man’ for a candid discussion on navigating difficult truths, maintaining faith in challenging times, and the complexities of relationships in our modern world. Suggestive Resource: Leader / Mentor.


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