When writing a devotional, UNCOMMEN has elements that must be included in all of our devotionals to maintain consistency across platforms and continuity with previously developed devotionals.

Devotionals merge with Uncommen’s mission to always be centered around Husbands, Dad, and Leaders. Devotionals, on average, last minimum of five days but can be longer. There needs to be a verse reference and articles attached to each day. In theory, you’ll be writing five articles and researching verses that coincide with your theme. Every devotional day must include at least one verse of scripture.

We encourage you to spend time in prayerful consideration and research to make sure that you’re speaking accurately about the Bible and its verse. Themes cannot mean that we abandon the original meanings of scripture. Much like you might write an article or paper, before you start writing, find your theme, verses, and subtopics for each day. Prepare before you write! It’ll make the process a lot easier.

Each day should be a maximum of 450 words. It’s enough to introduce your topic, spend time explaining and get the point across. Remember, most devotionals are done in the morning before work, so time is of the essence!

Every article (day) will need to have two UNCOMMEN questions and one UNCOMMEN challenge. The questions will be for the reader to consider about the passage or topic after reading the day’s devotional. The challenge is an action trigger! That’s where you tell them what they should do now that they’ve learned more about this piece of scripture and theme.

When you submit your devotional to Uncommen, we will read over the documents you provided and edit as necessary. Typos, word suggestions, etc. Please include with your submission an author biography (two sentences) so that we may credit you when submitting the devotional to our partners.

Once you’ve done that, you’ve completed your devotional, and now it’s time to submit.

Some Important Information

Approval: As much as we appreciate all submissions, Uncommen reserves the rights to not use your content if it doesn’t fit our audience.

Usage: When you submit your devotional, you give Uncommen full rights to use your devotional at no payment to the author. We do provide full credit to you as an author and a link to your website/email as directed.

For inspiration, visit our previous devotionals to see real-life examples of UNCOMMEN devotionals that get published.

Submit Your Devotional

Please send your devotional in either a Word Doc, Pages or Google Drive document in an email to us.


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