The Uncommen Truth

The cold hard truth about non-profits is that we are 100% supported by the financial partnership of others. We wish Jack were independently wealthy so we wouldn’t have to burden everyone with this fundraiser or that new product, but he’s a bit of a slacker. So it’s up to us to be good stewards with the ministry in what we offer and what we ask for in support. We could just put out a tip jar (so to speak) and ask for donations, but we want to offer something for your financial partnership in return. That’s why we developed these programs and products:

A ton of work goes into the on-going development of these channels and we try to create items that we would be willing to purchase at those prices. If you are thinking of the programs and products we offer are just things to “buy” you are thinking of it all wrong. Don’t think of it as you are buying something, but rather donating or if you prefer…supporting this ministry. Every dollar that comes in goes back into the ministry for development and growth.

An Uncommen Team

There are a few of us (not nearly enough) that pray this ministry uphill every day. Not only are we serving this ministry, but we contribute financially as well, and that goes for the board of directors as well. Here are just a few things the team has done on its own to support Uncommen over the years.

  • Main donor – funds 75% of Uncommen. It used to be 100% and we’ve managed to reduce the burden 25% in 2018 and look to do that and more in 2019. But we need your help!
  • Board member – sponsored 4 Uncommen charters so when a man wants to step up and lead in his community but can’t afford the cost, this man covered it.
  • Board member – provides on-going tech support, web hosting and website development at a reduced cost and often for free!
  • Board member – not only actively serves on the board but financially gives toward the ministry.
  • Board member – has budgeted a certain number of hours each month to work on the growth of Uncommen and puts in at least twice that.
  • Board member – researches legal info to keep us up-to-date on things like trademarks and insurance
  • Writers – while the writing duties have been mostly on the leadership team, we’ve been helped tremendously by many writers that help create the content you enjoy so much.
  • Donors – we have three faithful men who give every month and usually about a total of 15 people to donate during the year. We need more monthly donations…HELP!!!

Your Uncommen Opportunity

As you can see, it takes a team of people to pull this ministry together, and we’d like you to be part of that team. While we need things like prayer, social sharing, and word-of-mouth, we mainly need on-going donors. We need monthly donations that we can depend on and plan for future projects. The significant part is while we love substantial contributions, the backbone of most budgets are donations of 25 – 50 per month, and we are looking for 25+ men to step up and become a monthly donor.

When you become a donor, we will communicate with you every other month on what donations are going to and the performance of specific programs and products.

We need your help, and we need you to pray about it and then act on it if God moves you to do so.



Be Uncommen!

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