Christian Fellowship for Men is Vital

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Fellowship for men matters. I’ve been involved in men’s groups now for over ten years. Men coming together as a group has always been a passion of mine. And over the years, it has yielded some excellent fruit.

Iron sharpens iron and one man sharpens another.” — Proverbs 27:17

Fellowship for Men Starts Somewhere

The first group I helped set up was for the small church I was attending at the time in one of the suburbs of the city. We saw that some of the men weren’t engaging in the Bible studies or the main congregation. We wanted to give men confidence in their voices and feel comfortable enough to speak with others. To do this, we started a small Bible study in a public cafe. Studying God’s word shouldn’t be something you only do behind closed doors. People observing others studying the Word of God can be a powerful thing.

The men of this group grew in confidence and love for one another as the bi-weekly fellowship rolled on. The Pastor of the church had permitted us to run the group without feeling the need to be there himself. This permission did a lot for the guys in helping them think on an equal footing theologically. We also saw positive changes in how they engaged with each other in the main hall on Sundays and within the services themselves. The fellowship side of the group surprised me. Before then, I hadn’t quite seen how important it was that guys felt comfortable approaching one and another in church.

Growth Happens in Fellowship

The group I’ve been a part of now for the last nine years has been another revelation for me. It started as a group of guys. We are again meeting in a public cafe to pray for the leaders of the city and the church. The group quickly grew in scope to include 15 minute Bible studies on issues that men face. A lot of men who have been a part of the fellowship group have considered it to be one of their principal places for week to week pastoral support and healing.

Through it, we have been involved in the start-up of projects for the church. One of the projects includes our Clear History Network, which provides mentoring and a helpline for men suffering from the temptation of pornography. We’ve supported men in prayer for alcoholism, marital difficulties, failed IVF attempts, and we have recently been strategically placed to give practical help alongside spiritual support to the current leaders of the city. All these things happen regularly, and our time together is only 45 minutes a week.

The reason I am mentioning all of the above isn’t to blow our ministerial trumpet but to say that male fellowships are unique, powerful, and very necessary. A strange thing happens when groups meet up to discuss the things that matter most to them; they can communicate what’s on their heart a lot faster and (most of the time) is understood more quickly as well.


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