Anxiety Attack




In this episode of the Man To Man Podcast, hosts TJ and Joshua embark on an intimate exploration of a topic that universally touches lives – Anxiety Attack.

They begin by acknowledging that everyone, at some point, grapples with anxiety. The focus of the discussion quickly shifts from the existence of anxiety to the various strategies each of them has employed to manage their experiences. They emphasize that it’s not about whether or not we experience anxiety, but rather about how we navigate it when the anxiety attack does arise.

Joshua shares his personal journey with anxiety that arose from marital stress and financial strains due to his wife’s medical issues, as well as the realities of living through the lockdown. He honestly recounts his initially unhealthy coping mechanism – escapism through video games – that, while temporarily soothing, led to negligence in other areas of life and even more stress. Recognizing this maladaptive pattern, Joshua sought healthier methods to cope, finding solace in opening up about his struggles with friends and family, intentional disconnection from technology, and simply enjoying moments of tranquility watching his dogs at play.

TJ, in turn, narrates his experiences with anxiety arising from life-changing events like Hurricane Katrina, relocation, job uncertainty, homeschooling his kids, and starting his own business. He also delves into the anxieties that come with caregiving for aging parents. TJ emphasizes the benefits he derived from consistent reflection and reading, verbalizing his worries, and benefiting from the therapeutic power of open conversations with his wife during their evening walks.

With humor, compassion, and wisdom, this podcast episode unearths real-life experiences and practical approaches to handling anxiety. By doing so, TJ and Joshua cultivate a sense of community and understanding, inviting listeners to share their own experiences and coping strategies in the comments. This conversation encapsulates how the spectrum of coping mechanisms can be as diverse as the people who employ them – from reading and prayer to essential oils and medication.

Uncommen Podcast is not just about shared experiences but is also a source of comfort and validation for those who are traversing the same paths. This episode underscores the show’s commitment to initiating real conversations around topics that often lurk in the shadows. The wisdom imparted is a gentle reminder that you are not alone in your struggles, and that there is always a way forward. Tune in and join the conversation, you might find the help you’ve been looking for or be the help someone else needs. Suggestive Resource: PTSD: Finding Peace and Healing.


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