Anointed, Appointed & Affirmed For Your Purpose

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I know we have all had that moment in life where we have found ourselves stuck! It happened to me on a hot August day. I remember it as if it was yesterday, trapped in my minivan with my one & two-year-old. Help me JESUS!! Both screaming and crying, both hot and tired. I tried to start the van but nothing happened; my battery was dead. Just great! I said a short prayer, really to keep me sane. I said Lord, get me through this test as you have done so many times before in the past. 

I needed a jump… I looked around only to find nobody around who could assist me. My first thought was “AAA”! However, that was just a thought because, in reality, I knew I didn’t have any coverage from AAA. It was more like “oh what a benefit AAA would be in a time like this.” So I ended up calling a family member to help. My aunt came and gave me a jump. She told me she had locked her keys in the car the night prior and she had attempted to call AAA. Her policy had expired, but her recommendation to herself and me was “we need to get some coverage.” I agreed. 

Here’s where the revelation comes! Ready here we go. AAA is a service provided to those who buy it. Jesus has already paid the price for our life, all the dead and rotten things in our life aka “sins” have been paid in full. If we are in Christ, all our “coverage” is complete. But the KEY is using and knowing how to obtain all that God has for us. So as I was stuck on the road the other day, many of us are stuck & stranded on a dark, lonely road of life. The vehicle we used every day is deadly lacking the power to do the will of our father in heaven. We all are dead at some point in our lives, whether that be dead to our purpose, or gifting or just way of living. It’s time to call on our father for a “Jumpstart.” 

He is just waiting to hear from us to come in and save our stranded souls. He has sent us this excellent guide (GPS) that encompasses the coverage that Christ provides. It’s called The Holy Spirit. As we allow Christ in our hearts, we pray and study and seek after him. 

The anointing (what God created for you to do), in other words, becomes clear. We will see what area God has appointed us, and we will know this is our calling by the fruit it produces. It’s time for the Lord to come in and unlock the keys of life that we already have in us. We are created and manufactured to be all that God has designed us to be. All we need to do is allow him to come into our hearts and show us the paths he has for us. I have surrendered my life to Jesus; have you? You may be the churchiest churchgoer and still never fully surrender all. Or you may never have heard of this man named JESUS, or maybe you’re somewhere in the middle. Where-ever you find yourself stranded, call AAA aka Christ Jesus. He is our ANOINTER, APPOINTER, AFFIRMER. All the coverage for life has already been paid. If you need a GPS on this road called life or your battery is dead, and you need “jumpstart,” or you have keys you know that are locked inside of you, let’s call AAA. The Lord is waiting with open arms. Just allow him in.


Author: Justin



  1. Roger

    Perfect timing for this. Thank you Lord of All Our Days. Whew-whoop!

  2. Kelvin Adler delali Abotsigah

    God bless you pastor. I am soo blessed pastor.

  3. Phillip

    Thank you for the positive word!!

  4. Craig

    Wonderful message pastor, amen and praise God !

    • Danny Johnson

      I’m one that always appreciates a good word. Thank you ??

  5. John Stubblefield

    I think this is the second time I’ve read this, but it was just the reminder I needed today.


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