Living Biblically in an Unbiblical world

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Scripture is very clear about those who live in the world and those who live for the world. We should be living biblically. But as a Christian, I struggle every day with separating myself from the world and not completely alienating myself. Because I still have the duty as a Christian to spread God’s good news, which means I have to be involved in the world. So how do we fully function as an obeying Christian and not getting caught up in the world?

There are three things that we must do in order not to fall into the world’s trap. First and foremost, we have to be disciplined in our Bible reading, prayer time, and repentance. We have to understand that Satan will use whatever he can to get us off our guard. Let me give you an example; over the past few months work has become busy and has caused me to focus on it, rather than the spiritual growth of myself, my family, and the others that are around me. It’s not that I’ve completely stopped working on both, but I have allowed my work to take precedence. Thus, allowing the world to win.

Living Biblically in an Unbiblical world

Priorities are a discipline, and we have to place God first in all we do. Otherwise, it is extremely easy to allow the world to step in and take control. The good thing about having a disciplined routine is when you start falling off that routine, it’s easy to notice. Your days become longer, your problems grow more significant, and self-reliance becomes everyday life.

Second, we have to apply the knowledge and understanding of our discipline to our daily lives. Nothing will impact a lost person more than them seeing you live the life of a disciplined Christian. We’ve all heard that “actions speak louder than words” and this is true as well for the godly life of a Christian. As we get deeper into our Bible study, a more profound prayer life, and the life that has less sin, Godly actions become second nature. Don’t ever allow your lack of discipline to affect the views of the lost world that is watching you.

Thirdly, we must witness to the world of the changed life that God has made in us by being disciplined. Alongside our actions, the verbalization of what God has done in your life will plant the seed of the lost in this world. God commands us to spread the good news to all nations. But that command is not an easy one if you’re not disciplined in the spiritual growth of yourself. Be diligent every day to make sure that you make God a priority, and this will give you the strength not only to act like a Christian but talk like one too.

1 John 2:17: “And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever.

God bless and share your faith,
Jody Burkeen
Man Up Gods Way



  1. Jim Bellante

    Thanks you for this great message, love the phrase “priorities are a discipline” very impactful!!

  2. mr. Allison Pell

    That’s good stuff
    Solid stuff
    Unfortunately it doesn’t stop when you turn 60 years old… You still have to maintain his daily disciplines and keep that relationship with Jesus first… And that means spending one-on-one with him regularly… I was kind a hoping by the time I turn 60 I wouldn’t do this anymore… Not so.


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