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If you’ve read an Uncommen article on our website or through our weekly newsletter, chances are you’ve benefited from the efforts of a volunteer writer. While the Uncommen team writes many of the blog articles, we do have some that are written by people who just want to help us develop great content.

I know what you’re thinking…

  • I’ve never written anything like this before
  • I’m way to busy to fit this into my schedule
  • I don’t know where to start
  • I don’t want everyone to know my struggles
  • I need to cut the grass before it rains
  • But 98% of the people who take part in writing content for Uncommen are men just like yourself. Men / Women who want to see the men of today and the future be the Husbands, Dad and Leaders they were always meant to be.

To volunteer, please fill out our volunteer form. Once you have submitted an article, devotional (or both if your interested) we will edit and put it in the schedule.

Specs to help you

Focus: We are a Men’s ministry. So you will need to have a scripture reference associated with your article.

Timeline: We are looking for your article(s) as we are building content. All articles submitted will be read over, edited and scheduled to go out as needed.

Topics:  The article needs to be focused on being a Husband, Dad in today’s culture. We are not in need of Leader content but if you have ideas around topics, please reach out ([email protected])

Quantity of articles: You can write as many as you want. 

Length: The article needs to be about 650 words.

Included: Each article needs to have a scripture reference, at least 2 questions and one challenge at the end of the article.

Approval: As much as we appreciate your submission, we do reserve the right to not use your content if we feel it does not fit our audience.

Usage: When you submit your article, you give Uncommen full rights to use your article for future devotionals at no payment to the author. We do provide full credit to you as an author if asked and a link to your website / email as directed.

How to submit article(s): You would submit your articles via our website here.



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