Volunteer Opportunities

Are you looking to volunteer with Uncommen? Great!

Any non-profit will probably be quick to tell you there are never enough hands to help get things done, so we are always thankful for volunteers. There are several places where you can volunteer with Uncommen.

Writer – If you’ve read an Uncommen article on our website or through our weekly newsletter, chances are you’ve benefited from the efforts of a volunteer writer. While the Uncommen team writes many blog articles, we have some written by people who want to help us develop great content. See the writer guidelines before you submit your article using the form below.

Fundraiser – This one is the hardest one of all, as fundraising is the most difficult task we have to perform. Please let us know if you have experience in this area and would like to volunteer your time and services.

Grant Writer – We’ve been praying that God leads a volunteer grant writer to us for some time as there are grants to be had; it just takes work. Please let us know if you have grant writing experience and would like to volunteer your services.

Why should you volunteer? If you are like us, you want to see the Gospel spread and people come to Christ. That is our goal as well, and our vehicle of calling is Uncommen. We can reach men worldwide, and we need help doing it.

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