RIO Workbook


This workbook is a comprehensive guide to help young men grow into adulthood with God’s wisdom. The workbook is designed to challenge the reader to reflect on their current habits and beliefs and to encourage positive changes that will help them grow closer to God. The workbook contains 25 questions that are designed to help the reader assess their current level of spiritual growth and provide them with the tools they need to make meaningful changes in their life.

The workbook covers topics such as the relationship with God, moral character, work ethic, finances, personal health, relationships, and future. It also includes Bible verses and questions to reflect on, such as “Is it true that the goal of being a husband, father, or leader is to boost one’s personal pride and ego?”, “What is the return on investment for a dad who serves his children unwillingly?”, and “Should leaders prioritize putting others before themselves?”.

The workbook also includes resources such as devotions and articles that help the reader prepare and set expectations for themselves. The workbook is an excellent tool for any young man who wants to grow closer to God and become the man he was created to be.


  • 19-page book
  • PDF Download
  • Interactive on computer, laptops, tablet, and phone
  • Printable
  • Single person use
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